Tuesday, January 4, 2011



Excerpts - caveat lector

"In moving to Arkansas, Harvey chose the Northwest sector. Why? Could it have been that, like the Confederate guerrilla fighter, William Quantrill, the bank robber, "Jesse James, Gen. Joseph Shelby and others of the Knights of the Golden Circle years before him, Harvey also knew what was hidden within the mountains, hills and valleys of that particular area... perhaps providing an answer to the question, where did he get the money to go forward with such an elaborate plan, much of which realized, involved the very best of ancient Greece and Egypt's architectural tribute to the gods and goddesses."

"...that well over a hundred years ago, twelve members of the Knights of the Golden Circle formed what would become the controversial Ku Klux Klan (Ku Klux meaning circle - Klansmen of the Golden Circle,.."

"It's time to dispense with all that confuses and to simplify, hence: The Knights of the Golden Circle equals the Ku Klux Klan which equals Illuminism which equals Freemasonry.

Among the Illuminists - or Masons - who were founders of the KKK were Albert Pike, Judah Benjamin (A Jew Rothschild agent said to have been the actual head of the Confederacy), John Patterson (Jefferson Davis' alias), Gen. Nathan B. Forrest, Gen. H.I. Shelby, Prof. B.E. Bedezek, George Payne, the outlaws Jesse James, Bud Dalton, Lewis Dalton, Cole Younger, the terrorist William Quantrill. Due to belief in the integrity of Confederate politicians and military leaders and, no doubt abhorrence of Albert Pike who believed in human sacrifice, hardcore patriots have chosen to believe there were two Klans originally, one led by Albert Pike, the other by Bedford Forrest..."

"Expediency makes strange allies. Knights of the Golden Circle - Pike and bigwigs of the Confederacy's political and military - drew into their tight little midst thieves and terrorists James, Quantrill, Younger and the Daltons..."

""Old timers familiar with the Confederate Underground have an incredible tale to tell: War heroes turned outlaws, booby-trapped treasure troves and a secret pact. High level Confederates, they called themselves the Knights of the Golden Circle - - (Again, Davis, Forrest, Shelby, James and the others).

Their goal was to fight a Civil War replay,..."

"Why is it still there? Well, the Knights swore themselves and their descendents to secrecy. 'It was almost a RELIGIOUS thing with them. Anyone who revealed the secrets of the Circle would have ended up dead.'"

"Headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., the Golden Circle started with $7 billion in gold from the Confederacy's treasury... The Confederate Underground supposedly infiltrated gold mines around the world, embezzling or stealing huge amounts to be smuggled back to the U.S... It is even rumored that the group received some of the $50 billion in gold that a few experts claim has 'disappeared' from Fort Knox over the years..."

"In 1916 contributions stopped flooding in. At that time the group officially disbanded. According to one who claims to be a Golden Circle descendent, Rebel treasure troves exist in almost every state and most Canadian provinces."

"The Golden Circle Code forbade opening any deposit before the last Confederate veteran died..."