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A Rosicrucian Connection to the Knights of the Golden Circle?

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In his highly detailed account of treasure hunter Bob Brewer’s search for Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) caches, “Rebel Gold,” writer Warren Getler suggests there may be a Rosicrucian connection to the KGC. Whether or not this is taking things a wee bit too far is open for debate, but I thought I’d pass it along anyway.
Who are the Rosicrucians? They are a secret society composed of self-proclaimed Christian mystics whose doctrine is based on ancient “truths” supposedly not known or available to the common man or woman.

Rosicrucian Symbols and KGC Treasure

Rosicrucianism got its start in the early 1600s in Europe and has a distinct link with Freemasonry. What’s interesting about Rosicrucianism is its use of a wide array of symbols that could have significance in identifying and locating potential KGC troves or repositories (providing you accept Getler’s initial premise).
Many of these symbols are Christian in origin and others could be rooted in ancient or even pagan thought, although the Rosicrucians themselves would adamantly refute the latter. After all, their overall philosophy is one of enlightenment for the select few in this secret society.

Symbols for Your Consideration

OK, if we accept a Rosicrucian connection to KGC treasures, what sorts of Rosicrucian symbols might crop up in the field? Here are a few for your consideration and interpretation:
Sun with face and rays: Wisdom. Gaining knowledge. You are on the right track. What you seek is within this circle.
Number 12, 12 circles surmounted by triangle: Signs of the ancients. Revelations lie within. Treasure beneath or below.
Series of six or more 5-pointed stars shown above other symbols: Designates highest order of knowledge. Attainment. May designate a large repository.
Depiction of water or blood or the colors white or red: Life-giving sustenance, providence. The source of all life. Riches, both internal and external. Treasure nearby.
The number 7 with lion(s), eagle(s), raven(s), circle(s): Power, majesty, decline, resurrection. Indicators of caches or troves.
Skull, skeleton: Death, part of the ongoing cycle of existence. Darkness, ignorance. A warning. Danger, do not pass this way. May also be a misdirection to turn you away from a cache.
There are many other Rosicrucian symbols that may be related to the KGC and KGC caches and troves but they are too numerous to list here. However, this small sampling may provide food for thought.
That’s it for now. Be safe out there and good hunting to you all.
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 Anonymous said...
Are the KGC related to The Knights of Templar of The Knights of Malta?
January 6, 2011 7:05 PM

 J.R. said...
Yes, according to many treasure hunters, historians, and researchers. However, others vehemently deny that there is any connection between the Knights Templar and the KGC. My opinion? There is indeed some sort of link with the Templars and the KGC. J.R.
January 7, 2011 7:53 AM