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KGC on "Coast to Coast"

KGC on "Coast to Coast"
27th december 2007
First hour guest, author Warren Getler spoke about the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) and the conspiracy to kill Lincoln. The new film, National Treasure: Book of Secrets (for which Getler served as historical consultant) deals with this grand conspiracy. The secretive KGC, composed of Confederates and Masons, were said to bury gold and financially support Lincoln's assassination. Getler shared an 1865 political engraving from the magazine Harper's Weekly with us.

knights of the golden circle part 1 of 3

coast to coast knights of the golden circle part 2 of 3

coast to coast knights of the golden circle part 3 of 3

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Jesse James and the Knights of the Golden Circle: Jesse Outside of Missouri (Conclusion)

Jesse James and the Knights of the Golden Circle: Jesse Outside of Missouri (Conclusion)

PHOTO: The First National Bank of Northfield, Minnesota, the "overripe plum ready for easy picking" by the James and Younger Gangs.

I stated in the previous post on this topic that I’d provide you with more dates and locations that show Jesse James’ (and in some instances, Frank James’ and the James Gang’s) activities outside of the state of Missouri. So here you are:
Evidence of Jesse’s Presence in Other States (continued)

Minnesota: Perhaps the single most famous (or infamous) heist that the James and Younger Gangs attempted to pull off was what is often called “The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid.” The Boys rode all the way up to Northfield, Minnesota in September 1876 thinking that the First National Bank of Northfield was an overripe plum ready for easy picking. Instead, Jesse, Frank, and the Youngers rode into a veritable hornet’s nest.

Things went wrong in Northfield almost immediately. A bank cashier named Heyman (rather bravely or stupidly, as the case may be) refused to open the cash drawer. Jesse, impatient and angry, promptly shot Heyman in the head dispatching the unwise cashier forthwith. Townsfolk, hearing the shot in the bank and the resultant bank alarm, began arming themselves with shotguns, pistols, and hunting rifles.

As the James and Younger Gangs saddled up to flee the ire (and the guns) of the good citizens of Northfield they had to run a gauntlet of bullets fired from every vantage point. Gang members Charley Pitts and Bill Chadwell were killed instantly while Bob and Jim Younger were seriously wounded but still managed to make it out of town. Jesse and Frank skeedaddled on back to Missouri unharmed, but probably much wiser after their run in with the Minnesotans.

Tennessee: A man calling himself Mr. B.J. Woodson rents a small house on Fatherland Street in Nashville, Tennessee in February 1881. Mr. Woodson turns out to be none other than Frank James, while one of his long-term visitors (a certain John D. Howard) is actually his brother Jesse.

Texas: In April 1874 Jesse decides to tie the knot with his first cousin Zerelda Mimms. The newlyweds then take a short honeymoon along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico at Galveston, Texas.

Texas: Surprisingly enough, a stagecoach is robbed of $3,000 just outside Austin, Texas in April of 1874 as well. Evidently Jesse decided to pay for his honeymoon the “easy way.”

West Virginia: To celebrate his 28th birthday, Jesse (along with the James and Younger Gangs) robs the Huntington Bank in Huntington, West Virginia on September 5, 1875. Although one of their party is slightly wounded in the ensuing shoot out the Boys still make a pretty nice score, riding off into the sunset with nearly $20,000 in cash, silver, and gold.

That’s all on this particular topic. I hope you learned something new about Jesse, his whereabouts, and his likely link to the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC).

Remember, the theory is that Jesse’s presence (and some of the robberies he committed) in those other states were the source of no small number of KGC caches and troves. Either way, I’ve presented some of the evidence of Jesse’s presence outside of the state of Missouri.

Good hunting.

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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 9

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 9
Underground Discovery
By Dr. John Melancon


"Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps varied greatly in the methodology of hiding. In the last KGC article (#8) I included a photograph of one of the location items from an actual KGC site.

As you view this sign, it is clear that it is a pointer. Upon finding such an item, most treasure hunters would go the direction of the upper point of triangle, believing that the point between the keys would be the directional indicator. While this is true, you will have a most difficult time retrieving the treasure. Whenever the KGC sends me directly to a location I become very wary. I have had enough experience with death traps to proceed cautiously. Going directly to a large cache will get people killed. In this case, the keys unlock the secrets. The thinking of the Knights of the Golden Circle while constructing their treasure maps was pretty straightforward but they were still deceptive. The pointer takes you immediately to the treasure complete with death awaiting you. The distance was not the length of the bar as explained in article 8, the length of the bar gave the distance to the locations the keys were pointing! The locations that the keys pointed to gave away the interpretation of distance and gave more ‘keys’ to opening the ‘vault’. So the thinking was straightforward as I said. Keys unlock things. They did here too. But they were deceptive, knowing the average person would ignore the keys and go straight to the location. This would ultimately protect their treasure through death traps and get rid of the person attempting to take it without their permission. I have seen this type of indicator used primarily in the Southwest U.S. and as of yet not elsewhere.

Of special interest, I was just given a photograph copy of a Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map template and I have been asked to resolve what was carved into stone. It is very unusual to see such a template carved on stone and left in a place that is easily discovered. This KGC treasure map is in the Southwest once again and has two crossed arrows with a pointer immediately between the arrows. Similar to the photo of the sign we just discussed. One of the arrows does not have a tip, but rather a short dialogue in place of the arrowhead. Stay tuned, hunters, I am thinking of working this treasure map template through and explaining parts of this as we resolve this one. This Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map template “in stone” is just a few miles from a major repository that has already been discovered."

The Great Seal of the Knights of the Golden Circle

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Story Written By: COSMOWOLFF

It's a little known secret that the Knights of The Golden Circle established major treasure and goods depositories in every state in the United States plus Canada, Mexico and other places in Central and South America.

A list A list of of many of the treasures and depositories buried by the Knights of the Golden Circle was listed in the book Jesse James was one of his Names, by Del Schrader and his co-author Lee Hauk a.k.a. Jesse Lee James III. All of the information for this book was provided by Lee Hauk including the specific names and list of treasures provided in code.

The KGC had a very prescribed and detailed method to burying large treasure depositories; also leaving a very sophisticated and overlapping methods of signs, clues, and many other types of locating devices. Every treasure has a name that may or may not give a clue to where the treasure is located. Remember, these treasure were not to be easily found by weekend treasure hunters but were meant to be located and opened by the right person or group of people. I will indulge myself in this article to describe some very public and well protected methods of communication left by the leaders of the Knights of the Golden Circle.

It should be also divulged that the KGC buried smaller treasures in the vicinity of large depositories in an effort the conceal and divert attention away from the major treasures or depository. They also knew better than to keep all their eggs in one basket.

If you should happen to find a locating device please do not destroy it as it may prove valuable later on as you understand the KGC method of location intelligence. Sometimes a locating sign besides pointing to something local, can also be a locating device for other treasures many miles away and in some cases hundreds of miles away in other states. I have heard of locating devices or treasure signs (symbols) strung along a chain of mountain tops covering over 120 miles. Its important to know that the exact distance between the locating devices as they can be very important and should be plotted on the oldest U.S. topographical maps that you can obtain.

In this article I will begin to list and describe certain signs and symbols which will provide a great deal of history and information on a set of of KGC treasures buried using the four corners region of the United States. It is the apex or starting reference point for one major KGC treasure known as AThe Treasure of the Four Kings@. Please keep in mind that there are also hidden KGC treasures known as The Four Queens, The Four Jacks, and The Four Aces, and possibly The Four Tens. If you can find the area where the Four Kings are located, you will start to pick up locations and clues to the other Royal Deck of Card Treasures.

The 4 Kings Treasure was listed in the book under KGC code F. The treasures listed in category code F are all located in the State of Colorado and New Mexico with locations in Arizona and Utah ie......the four kings, the four states, the four major depositories, marked by four major petroglyph sites and, with the major depositories located near or around four special mountain peaks.

Please keep in mind also that the KGC organization used numerology in many of its ciphers and if your not familiar with numerology you should know that the number four is a very dangerous and mysterious number. If I had to describe it in a few words I would describe it as a bad code or bad number.

Confederate or KGC codes utilize many variations of numbers usually associated with Masonic Symbolism and Biblical stories. A good example would be King Solomon who would be associated with the number 666, which is the amount of gold that was given to him by the Queen of Sheba. Well now, you already have a hint about two very important people associated with the KGC, a King and a Queen. I wonder if they are depicted as one of the Four Kings in the Salt Creek Canyon petroglyph site in Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah.

Also, did you know that there is or was a road in central Arizona listed as route 666, which by the way terminated in a town called Solomon in Southern Arizona. The old route 666 is a very important reference point for anyone trying to locate KGC treasure in Arizona.

Are you familiar with the Old Route 66 which of course today is Route 40, running east and west across the United States.

Have you heard of the Vanishing Wagon Train Treasure located in a famous pass between Leadville and Fairplay, Colorado. It just happens to be 66 tons of Gold carried by 33 oxen carts.

You might note that other bad KGC numbers might be 2's, 4's, and 8's . Also multiple of these numbers such as 16, 32, 64, and 128

Most KGC or confederate codes are deciphered using multiples of 3's, 5's, and 7's, and of course the multiples there-of, such as 12's, 24's, 48 and 96.

You probably won't find to many 10's, 15's and 20's or even 11's,14's, 21's and 28's associated with Confederate secret codes. If you do, you better be careful as you may be in eminent danger.

If you find a number 13 B make a camp on a trail.

Many of these referred to treasures are primary depositories and should contain many different types of goods necessary to stock a marching army. They are very heavily booby trapped and many false entrance were developed that may not be good for your health if you locate and attempt to enter one. Besides Gold and Silver they probably contain uniforms, food stuffs, saddles, livery supplies, guns, ammunition and black powder. It should be mentioned that black powder turns to nitroglycerin with age, so be careful.

Please remember that when searching for buried KGC treasure that some of the clues are very sophisticated and can have double meanings. Although I will not give you every clue, I will provide enough information to get you started in the right location and direction.

The rest is up to you.

One has to keep in mind that even though these old timers were fairly smart and clever. The one thing that they had that we don't today is a lot of idle time.

It takes many hours, days and weeks to travel across this country by horseback or wagon. There=s lots of time to think of a lot of different things and you didn't have to watch out for crazies on the road with you.

Happy Trails.

K.G.C. Home Page By Floyd Mann

K.G.C. Home Page
By Floyd Mann


What ? You have never heard of them ? That's OK !

Actually, only a very small percentage of "treasure hunters" have heard of the KGC.

I first heard of the KGC about 7 years ago and I have been "collecting" ANY and ALL info on the KGC----as I come across it.

This website will give you about 99% of my knowledge on the KGC. A few things I am holding back---until a later date.

MOST of my knowledge about the KGC is from "research", BUT: I do have field experience in trying to find their treasures.

The KGC were ( or ARE ? ) a very mysterious and secretive group. As you visit the MANY links I have provided on this website, you will become MUCH more knowledgeable on the Knights of the Golden Circle. There are THOUSANDS of pages of info for you to read on my listed links.

Supposedly ( rumor has it ! ) the KGC has hidden BILLIONS---mabe even TRILLIONS ? of dollars in caches around the United States and other countries. And we all want to find some of that loot---right ?

Take a month , or more, to try to visit most of the links on this website. Think it over and please give me some feedback and let me know YOUR thoughts and ideas about the KGC. OK ?

SO: Why am I going to share my accumulated knowledge and research with YOU ? Why not keep ALL of the treasure for myself ? Well---I'm NOT greedy. I can only spend so much money. I would absolutely LOVE it if you were to learn some valuable information from this website and go recover a KGC treasure !

I give you this information for FREE. I really do not expect anything in return. BUT: if you would care to share any of YOUR knowledge and ideas with me---that would be fantastic!

Anything you give me---or tell me---will be between you and I-----unless you are submitting the info to be added to this database for others to enjoy. Just let me know ! If you need help on one of your KGC projects---just contact me. I don't want to know where it is----not even the state it is in ! I'm not out to take your treasure !

This website will not have a lot of photos, graphics, etc. to slow down your learning process . You do not need the distractions. Consider this website as a "plain Jane" encyclopedia. A lot of info in an easy-to-read format. Link after link after link of GOOD knowledge !

A lot of the information you will learn from this website will be "mind-boggling". WARNING: you WILL lose sleep, because some of this stuff is almost unbelievable. But, why CAN'T it be true ? You will learn that the history books are wrong---we have been lied to !

There are 9 "BUTTONS" at the top on the left of this page. You are reading the HOME page right now. On each of the other 8 BUTTONS you will find a LOT of other informational links to other websites. I might have a few comments , now and then, throughout the website, but why "re-invent the wheel" ? These websites will speak for themselves. Somewhere on each link is SOMETHING that I believe to be somehow related to the KGC.

I have tried to divide my files into the proper 9 categories/aspects of the KGC. I realize that some of you researchers will think I should have put a certain link ( or more ! ) under a different BUTTON---but: if you will read every link on this website---it won't matter !

Who am I to give you this website and info ? Nobody, really. Just a guy who seeks knowledge and is also very willing to share.

I am FLOYD MANN. 50, retired, living in Utah. I also have another website: .

I also have a FREE twice-monthly newsletter for treasure hunters---at the same website. This website is structured very similar to the LOST TREASURE USA website and newsletter.

Over the next few years I will add additional links, stories and information---as it is submitted to me---OR: as I learn of it ! If you have something to submit, please send it to me at: AKGCKNIGHT@AOL.COM

Now I realize that there are two or three of you out there that wishes I had not made the KGC so publicized. BUT: there are FAR more people that want to learn, SO: Majority RULES ! Democracy wins AGAIN ! I'm not going to tell the world where the site that you are working on is, BUT: in upcoming months I will be giving out some GOOD clues on some sites.

If the big bad boys of the KGC ( IF they exist ! ) feel threatened by my displayed info, they will realize that I'm really not telling any big secrets---just telling people what is already out there on the internet. Public knowledge.

OK !! Let's start learning all about the KGC ! I suggest that you click on the BUTTONS in the arranged order. This page is HOME. Next BUTTON is KGC. Have FUN !

PLEASE CONSIDER THIS SUGGESTION: PRINT this website--right now ! ---ALL of the pages ! Then you have the info & links---if this website "mysteriously" disappears !

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THE KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. New York Times August 30, 1861

New York Times
August 30, 1861

Under this head an article appears in the London Spectator, of Aug. 17, which is of especial interest, as the journal in which it appears is well known to be American property and under American inspiration. It has a prominent place among the articles on the leading topics of the day, which forms a conspicuous and valuable feature of the Spectator, and will be read with interest by men of all hues in politics on this side of the Atlantic;

Just before the descent of LOPEZ on Cuba, the American papers were full of allusions to an association called the Order of the Lone Star, said to be organized for the purpose of conquering Cuba and Nicaragua. M. SOULE was said to be its President, and the appointment of that individual as Minister to Madrid was regarded by the Court of Spain, as a wilful discourtesy. LOPEZ himself belonged to the society, and it was from the ranks of the Order that WALKER obtained his most ardent recruits. After the failure of WALKER's first expedition, the rumors of the society died away, and though its members, under the quaint title of "Precipitators," were supposed to be active in the work of disunion, the society itself, as such, ceased to play any prominent part. The more violent members, however, saw in it a power which might be effectively used, and on the first symptom of the predominance of the Free-Soilers, they organized a new association, under the name of the Knights of the Golden Circle, with new and better defined objects, and an obligation of secrecy. The secret of the Order, however, has been betrayed during the intestine strife raised by disunion in Kentucky, and the revelation exposes a plot which, for audacity, ability and wickedness, has rarely been surpassed in the long history of conspiracy.

The object of the Order may be briefly stated. It is nothing less than to raise an army of 16,000 men for the conquest of Mexico, and the establishment in that vast Territory of a strongly organized monarchy, resting on a basis of slave institutions. The precise mode of accomplishing this object has already been settled. As soon as the internal warfare is over, all members of the Order, under their secret leaders, are to repair to Guanajuato, with the Governor of which province of Mexico, MICHAEL DOBLADO, the Order has concluded a formal treaty. By the provisions of this precious document the Governor is to add 16,000 men of his own, and the entire army is to march forward under his command to the permanent subjugation of the country. Means are found from the revenues of the province, and its State property is "mortgagad" for the payment of the soldiery, at one-eighth above the American rates.

To secure the necessary cohesion, the Order has been organized after this fashion. Every applicant for admission is first sworn to secrecy under the penalty of death, and then the design of the Order is revealed. If he assents to its propriety, and is, moreover, an American born, and a slaveowner, or can produce proof that he is imbued with Southern sentiments, and is a Protestant, he is admitted as a soldier of the Order, and informed of its signs, pass-words, and organization. On the recommendation of the chiefs of the Order he is admitted to the second degree, informed that the stores and ammunition for the Army are collected at Monterey, and acquainted with the names of the officers to whom he is to look for pay. He is also supposed to be on active service, and the President has, we perceive, summoned all Kentuckian members to attend a rendezvous, where they will be drilled and organized by regular instructors, and whence they are, for the present, to control the Kentucky elections in favor of Southern men. If influential enough, he is next admitted to the third degree, the council of the Order, which under the Presidency of Mr. GEORGE BICKLEY, the future monarch, regulates the affairs of the Order, without communication, except through GEORGE BICKLEY, to the other degrees. He swears in this degree to obtain all the neophytes he can, to support his colleagues the Knights of the Columbian Star in all efforts for office, to conquer Mexico and "Southernize" its institutions; to drive all free negroes into Mexico, there to be enslaved, and to reduce the peon population of Mexico to slavery, dividing them as chattels among the members of the Order, and to recognize for the present monarchical institutions, as tending to strong government. Moreover, after the conquest of Mexico, he is to contend for the exclusion of every Roman Catholic from office and from the priesthood, and to support a system of passports enforced by the penalty of death. He again swears to a scheme of government which, from its utter want of resemblance to any American idea, we give entire:

13. The successor to GEORGE BICKLEY must be over thirty years of age, of Southern birth, liberally educated, Knight of the Columbian Star, sound of body and mind, and married, and Protestant. He shall swear to carry out this policy, and to extend Slavery over the whole of Central America if in his power. He shall try to acquire Cuba and control the Gulf of Mexico. No one else will I sustain. But for such a one, who must be proposed by the Cabinet Ministers and elected by all Knights of the Star, or a majority of them, I will sustain here, there, or elsewhere. When the Knights cross the Rio Grande, I will do all I can to send in recruits for the Army, and if I should ever cease to be an active worker for the Star, I will keep secret what I know of the real character of the organization, and I promise never to confer this degree in any other way than in the way I have here received it, and I will forward to GEORGE BICKLEY, or to the Governor-General of this State, the name and fees of every candidate whom I shall initiate as Governor. In witness, I do voluntarily, here and in these presence, sign my name and address."

He is then informed that Mexico can provide any amount of means, that funds to the extent of a million of dollars are lying at Matamoras, and two millions more at Monterey; that the Governor of Guanajuato is rapidly organizing his province for the reception of the Order, and that the march of the invading Army will commence on the 6th of October, 1861.

It reads, all this, rather like a dream of some mad slaveholder than a grave and definite project, which, nevertheless, we believe it to be. The Order is already powerful in the South, the alliance with the Governor is sufficiently probable, and the whole plan is strictly in accordance with the views known to be entertained by the most prominent slaveholders. Nor is the execution of the plan so difficult as to create any prima facie suspicion of falsehood. The South is full of men without slaves, with no place in society, and hungry for profitable adventure. They have been accustomed for years to regard the immense republic to their south, with its vast territory, its real and imaginary wealth, its disorganized government, and powerless white population, as a certain and easy prey. The successful annexation of Texas is a proof of what may be accomplished by a few unscrupulous and resolute men, and the laws of the Order tend directly to secure effective cohesion among its members. Quarreling and seduction are absolutely forbidden, every member is responsible for the orphans of those who fall, and societies released from the law are apt to protect themselves by somewhat effective guarantees for their own extra-legal code. The Order has men at command, so numerous that they are said to be objects of terror in Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas, and the bribe offered is of stupendous magnitude. It is nothing less than to bestow on 16,000 men a body of slaves equal to the whole slave population of the South, and slaves, too, more easily controlled than the negro race. To men thirsting for ownership, and convinced that Slavery is lawful, the temptation must be almost irresistible, more especially as every American overratesthe case with which Mexico might be subdued. The pure Spaniards and the landed proprietors, utterly weary of anarchy, would probably bail a strong Government of any sort, while the native and quadroon population have never been able to resist the hated and dreaded "North." Of the awful increase of human misery which would follow the conquest it is unnecessary to speak. Slavery, as it exists, is bad enough, but the deliberate addition of 3,750,000 people and their children forever to the ranks of a slave population, is a crime from which the imagination itself recoils. It seems from its very magnitude impossible. CORTEZ, however, conquered these people with far inferior means, and there is no evidence that the Mexican peon of to-day is better able to resist a rifleman than his ancestor was to defeat CORTEZ's heavy armed cavalry. The only element of effective resistance would be the religious fanaticism the laws of the Order are so well adapted to arouse. These laws, however were obviously intended to serve only a tem porary purpose, the exclusion of Catholics being rendered essential by their friendly feeling for Mexico. A priest informed of the design in the confessional would be certain to put the Mexicans on their guard, perhaps cause the arrest of the Governor who is so coolly selling his country. Mexico once conquered, the necessity for the restriction would disappear, and though one of the laws of the Order, an obligation to dissolve all monasteries and open all convents, seems dectated by a real religious dislike, it is difficult to believe that it would endure in spite of the political advantage of tolerance. The whole scheme may be unreal, and the Knights of the Golden Circle as little disposed to fulfill their promises as Masons are to preserve the obligation of Christian brotherhood. But it must not be forgotten that this whatever the truth as to this society, is one of the designs of the South, and that the plan, which thus boldy stated seems incredibly atrocious is part of the permanent policy of the Government which has just won its first battle in front of Manassas Gap. The design, we fear, if the North succumbs, is at once as possible of execution as it is remorselessly wicked in concention.

Jesse James and the Knights of the Golden Circle: Jesse Outside of Missouri (Part 2)

Jesse James and the Knights of the Golden Circle: Jesse Outside of Missouri (Part 2)
MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010

PHOTO: Downtown Russellville, Kentucky, the site of a Jesse James bank robbery in 1868.

As I promised in my previous post on this subject, here is more documented evidence of Jesse’s (and in some instances, Frank James’ and the James Gang’s) activities outside of the state of Missouri:

Evidence of Jesse’s Presence in Other States (Continued)

Kansas: In December 1874 the James and Younger Gangs joined forces to rob a Kansas Pacific Railroad train near Muncie, Kansas. Jesse, Frank, and the Youngers made off with over $50,000 which was quite a haul even by modern standards (probably the equivalent of a half a million dollars or more by today’s standards). Fortunately for all concerned, no one was injured in this robbery.

Kentucky: Jesse and the Boys managed to run off with $14,000.00 taken from the Nimrod Long Banking Company in Russellville, Kentucky on March 20, 1868. One of the locals was wounded in the process but no one was killed and none of the Boys was hurt.

Kentucky: The James Gang and the Youngers rode together again on April 1872 when they robbed the Bank of Columbia in Columbia, Kentucky. This time things went awry when a cashier was shot and killed but the Boys still made off with over $3,000.

Kentucky: Returning to the Bluegrass State in September 1880, Jesse and Frank held up a stagecoach near Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. No one was hurt and the James Boys rode off to split $1,600 in cash, gold, and silver.

Nebraska: In June Jesse and Frank ride up to Omaha, Nebraska. This time their purpose is not robbery, but Frank James’ wedding where he ties the knot with Annie Ralston in a small, private ceremony.

It may be of interest here to note that there is also substantial evidence that Jesse James made appearances at two locations in south-central Illinois as well, although no dates are given for these visitations. One of these was at Greenville and the other at a place called Carolina or Carolinda(?)

I’ll have more information on Jesse’s activities outside of Missouri in a subsequent post. Good hunting in the meantime.

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The Knights Of The Golden Circle "Who were the KGC?"

The Knights Of The Golden Circle
"Who were the KGC?"

The knights of the golden circle were a secret society started by George Bickley. Bickley was from Cincinnati. He was a master at lying and he set out to convince others, that his secret society, with the help of the southern Border States could conquer Mexico, Central America and Cuba.

This “circle” of countries would represent the “golden circle” of the KGC, the knights of the golden circle. Included within the “circle” were individuals from some of the Northern States who sympathized with the south and their belief in slavery. The KGC wanted to use those northern influences, and along with the southern states, extend slavery into the “golden circle” countries, thus enhancing slavery in the southern states.

Bickley gained the support of some Southerners. In 1860 members of the knights of the golden circle were paying dues. Their intent was to use the money to purchase arms to support their efforts. High-ranking officials from the states of Indiana, Ohio and Illinois supported the confederacies idea of perpetuating slavery. These sympathizer states ran secret cells, or castles where they held meetings. It’s been rumored that by the time the civil war broke out, the KGC had stashed millions of dollars of currency and gold to fight a secret war against the northern army, all with the intention of helping the south to win the war and keep slavery in existence.

The KGC had different levels of what they called “degrees”. These degrees were called “Neophyte and “Vestibule” degrees. Each member of these degrees were bound by the obedience of the Officers of each degree, and the secrecy of the respective orders, or else.

Or else what?

Or else they would end up dead. Family members of any KGC initiate who broke this vow of silence were also murdered. There were instances where KGC members were killed, their homes burned and their families murdered.

Secret Signs And Signals

Members of the Neophyte and the Vestibule degrees would greet each other with secret signs. These signs were used as both a means to test and to recognize members. In public for instance, when two members needed to meet in secrecy, whether to talk about a KGC event or plan of action there was a specific way to approach each other. Standing erect, the heel of the right foot would be placed in the hollow of the left. The right hand would be placed under the left arm. The left hand would be brought under the right arm. With the arms now folded, the four fingers of the left hand would be placed over the right arm. The person being addressed would then mirror the exact posture. Both individuals would now be in complete confidence of the other, and they would then move to an area for talking.

KGC Treasures

The knights of the golden circle buried secret caches of weapons, coins, and gold and silver bullion. Much of this hoard was stolen from robberies of banks, trains carrying payroll of the northern army during the civil war and from northern army military posts. Many of the treasures were buried in the southern and western states. However, reports of small caches have been reported in some of the northern states as well as Canada.

The knights of the golden circle were much like many secret societies. There is not much written or documented information about where they buried their caches. However, the KGC did leave strange symbols and codes on rocks and trees as guides to where these treasures are located.

Jesse James And The KGC

Many KGC researchers believe that the outlaw Jesse James was a member of the KGC .

If he was a member, then much of the money he had stolen during his outlaw days was for the purpose of funding the KGC movement in the Southern states.

The life of Jesse James has been controversial in itself. Many questions such as, what was his real name? When did he die? And, where was he buried are, lead researchers to believe that these questions are enough to point to his membership in the knights of the golden circle.

Abraham Lincoln Murdered By The KGC

John Wilkes Booth the man who murdered President Lincoln was a KGC member as well as a Freemason.

After the assassination, a trunk owned by Booth was located. In the trunk were coded messages and symbols that were used by the knights of the golden circle.

The messages have been de-coded by modern researchers and they tell us that these strange symbols tied Booth to the murder of President Lincoln.

The knights of the golden circle were just one of many secret societies that buried treasure.

Jesse James And The Knights Of The Golden Circle

Jesse James And The Knights Of The Golden Circle

A very strange thing happened on May 19, 1948 at Lawton, Oklahoma. A very old gentleman who was going by the name of Col. J.Frank Dalton claimed to be over 107 years old came public and released an incredible, almost unbelievable tale regarding a very secret Southern underground organizational known as the “Knights of the Golden Circle”.

They drew a circle and shut us out.
In vain, they thought they’d won by rout
But men of God, with wit to win.
Drew a larger circle and shut them in.

Frank Dalton claimed to be the original, famous outlaw and desperado affectionately known as “ Jesse James”, who’s Christian name was Jesse Woodson James of Kentucky. Mr. Dalton claimed that as a result of his legendary past as Jesse James it was necessary for him to stage a fake death way back in1882 so as to be free of the mystic and legendary tales for which he was becoming famously known and wanted.
He claimed in truth that over the years he assumed over 73 different personalities or aliases, some of which had a great impact on the history of this great country.
One of the more mysterious things about this time period is the fact that there seemed to be many Jesse and Frank James’s running around different parts of the county causing all type of mischief.
Many of these other murderous unscrupulous individuals took advantage of their assumed namesakes reputation to do many dishonorable acts, including unmanly murders and other outrageous crimes, all in the name of the “James Gang”.
This is not meant to presume that the real Jesse and Frank James were angels, no, not by any stretch of the imagination. The real James gang killed many of these impostors and actually staged the accepted cowardly murder of Jesse James in St. Joseph, Missouri.
They had to spin and work it so the history books today read quite differently than what actually happened; but given the times, circumstances, and the fact that a number of these thugs, border ruffians and downright dishonorable backstabbers were using and hiding behind the fear and fame of “Jesse James” at the time.
It was conflicting considering the important, vital work of the Confederate Underground Army which he Jesse, along with Quantrill, headed., So what actually happed is quite understandable.
For the sake of this article at times I will refer to this particular gentleman as JWJ.
It was said that the so called James Gang, Quantrill’s Guerrillas led by the famous William Clarke Quantrill, and the Missouri Confederate Irregulars under General Marmaduke or General J. O. Shelby, where nothing more than a secret underground Confederate Army operating secretly throughout the South and Southwestern
United States. This was the same Gen. Shelby that led his troops into Mexico to help the proclaimed French foreign leader, Emperor Maximilian. Unfortunately Gen. Shelby’s expedition proved to be a disaster and it was necessary for the Knights of the Golden Circle to send in an experienced guerilla force under Col. Jesse W. James and William Quantrill to rescue what was left of Shelby’s Army around 3,200 men.
It was also said that the Hapsburg Jewels and heirlooms entrusted to Maximilian by Napoleon Bonaparte including the Emperor’s personal wealth and a great Aztec treasure vault, were secured by the Confederate’s and moved into a cavern in a very large and famous peak in the San Andre’s range of New Mexico.
Benito Juarez, the liberator of Mexico and his so-called patriots captured Emperor Maximillian and executed him and his entire staff by firing squad.
After the close of the Civil War the Knights of the Golden Circle moved very quickly to establish a foothold in very profitable businesses throughout the country. They set up movies houses, livery stables, a clever ploy, mining companies, timber companies and railroad contracting operations.
They even started a chain of drug stores, not to shabby as its hard to fight a second civil wall without a good source of drugs. Later on they moved into the banking business, wall street brokering, money laundering and manufacturing.
They would deposit large sums of money in K.G.C. banks, insure the deposits thru Wall Street Brokers and Bankers and turn around, rob the money back and of course collecting the full amount from the surety insurance companies.
They even continued the practice that they were most famous for which was stealing illegal contraband and of course more sophisticated forms of robbery, a trade that they had perfected into a science.
Every venture had a military responsibility and specific purpose.
A grand plan, so to speak.
Does all this sound like a bunch of hicks running around trying to stir up trouble, or does this sound like a group of well trained military men who are planning a grand battle adventure to again fight their enemies, who defeated them badly in the first American Civil War.
All they had to do was to figure a way to finance it themselves.

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Knights of the Golden Circle
Arrests by the Government
War Matters The Government Behind
Published: September 5, 1862

Correspondence of the New-York Times.

CHICAGO, Monday, Sept. 1, 1862.

The principal excitement in this State during the past week -- aside from matters connected with the war -- has been the revelations in relation to the designs and extent of the Order of the Knights of the Golden Circle. These revelations come semi-officially, but from the character of those employed as detectives -- most of them in signing their affidavits making them X's -- we may infer that there is considerable margin for doubt. Imposition in such cases -- especially if there were any suspicions as to the objects of these "strange brethren" -- is so easy, and some of the revelations are so absurd, that we may readily withhold our credulity for further developments. There is no doubt, however, but what there are numerous lodges of the Order in this State and in Indiana. There is as little doubt but what there are many Southerners, particularly in Egypt, who are traitors, and will go as far as they dare. But the extent to which volunteering has been carried in that section, forbids the idea that disloyalty should exist in such formidable proportions as the statements put forth would indicate. The arrests which have been made will check demonstrations hostile to the Government, if any such were seriously contemplated.

It is a sad fact that there are those even in the north part of the State -- two arrests have recently been made at Galena -- who are so bigoted and prejudiced in their Democracy, that they verify believe they are doing God's service in opposing the Republican Administration in all things. These would revolt at the idea of being traitors to their country; but they deem anything legitimate that they can do to thwart the "Abolitionists," even to throwing obstacles in the way of crushing the rebellion.

Reflecting men do not anticipate that any trouble will grow out of all this. There will be no open hostile demonstrations against the measures of the Government. The only danger is, that so much larger proportion of Republicans than Democrats have volunteered for the war, the elections, in many places, may be carried adversely to the Administration. There are few districts, however, in all the West, in which a large majority does not heartily go in for crushing out the rebellion. It would be a great misfortune to, the country to have the VALLANDIGHAMS and VOORHIES multiplied in the next Congress. So far, in this State, the old members have been renominated by acclamation. In new districts, however, Mr. ARNOLD, for instance, instead of representing Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lee, Whitesides, Rock Island, DeKalb, has only Cook for his constituency. This shows the rapid growth of Illinois since the census of 1850.

War matters are progressing satisfactorily, so far as our State is concerned. But the Government is behind in furnishing arms and equipments, so that with fifty thousand men enrolled but few regiments have gone forward, and these went without arms. There are about six thousand in camp near this city. Ex-Gov. CAMPBELL, of Tennessee, has been here for several days past on a mission to the prisoners in Camp Douglas. Three hundred and eighty-five Tennesseeans have taken the oath and are to go home. Most of them have already left. Last week two hundred and fifty additional prisoners arrived from Fort Leavenworth. They were a motly set of "poor, while trash," Indians, half-breeds and negroes -- caught in arms somewhere out on the plains. They look like the offscourings of the earth.

Americanizing Mexico

Americanizing Mexico.
New York Times
March 23, 1860


Gen. BICKLEY, the Commander-in Chief of the order of the "Knights of the Golden Circle." addressed a large in standing at Montgomery, Ala., a few day's age.

The K.G.C, or order of the Knights of the Golden Circle, he said, was organized as early as in the year 1851, and was originally intended to advance and preserve the interests of the Southern States. After alluding to the attitude of the North and South relative to the question of negro Slavery, and avowing himself to be a Union man as long as the Federal compact was respected and sustained, he proceeded to give a brief outline history of the organization at the head of which he stood from the time of his [???] to the present. He briefly narrated his various conferences with the two contending powers in Mexico -- incidentally giving a sketch of the terrible state of government within its borders. He mentioned the fact that he had originally been induced to make a contract with the Miramon or C[???]urch faction; but the recognition of Juarez or Liberal party by the United States Government had compelled him to espouse the cause of that party in order to avoid a collision with his own countrymen -- an event which he had resolved should never occur.

The organization of K.G.C., he remarked, embraced a humerous membership within the limits of Mexico itself, consisting of many of the influential and wealthy citizens whose only hope for a stable and permanent Government lay in the intervention of foreign arms and intellects.

He claimed that this work of Americanizing Mexico, belonged of right and of necessity to the people of the South, whose interests would be most closely touched by it. It was a country remarkably adapted to the production of those articles wherein consisted the wealth and supremacy of the South, and when the doors were once thrown open he was unwilling to believe that Southern men would stand passively by and see the richest country the sun ever shone upon, overrun and peopled by their Northern rivals.

He stated that the object of his present visit to Alabama was a double one -- embracing that of raising men and means to arm, equip and transport them to the scene of action. He remarked that Louisiana. Tennessee, Texas, Maryland, and other Southern States had responded in the most substantial manner -- in all of which States he had from one to two regiments prepared for the field at twenty-four hours' notice. He expected Alabama to give him two regiments of her brave sons, and at least the amount of money required to place the upon the soil of Mexico; and if the response was as prompt as he was led to anticipate, many days would not elapse before the drums and cannons of the K.G.C. would resound before the walls of the City of Mexico.

The Anti-Defamation League

The Anti-Defamation League

"The Knights of the Golden Circle, Freemasonry, and other Secret Societies infiltrated the leaders of the North and South. Judah P. Benjamin was a Jewish strategist (who some believe worked for the House of Rothschild) who had a crucial part in the Civil War. Benjamin lived from 1811 to 1884. Now, he was born as a British subject in the West Indies. Judah Philip Benjamin became a citizen of America. His father was one of the founders of the Reform congregation in America (His father was Philip Benjamin from England). Benjamin was raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Judah Benjamin owned slaves. He was a traitor to his Jewish race since his ancestors experienced Egyptian oppression, yet he supported slavery that was oppressive against black Americans. That is why Republican Benjamin Wade of Ohio accused him of being an Israelite in Egyptian clothing." Wade is right, because Judah Benjamin deserted the real tenets of the religion of Moses. In September 1861, Judah Benjamin was the Confederate Secretary of War. Later, he became the Confederate States’ Secretary of State. He quarreled with the Confederate Generals P.G.T. Beauregard and Stonewall Jackson. This came to a head over the loss of Roanoke Island to the Union "without a fight" in February 1862. Confederate leader Jefferson Davis was responsible for this. Judah Benjamin was so desperate after Confederate defeats that he said that: “…Let us say to every Negro who wishes to go into the ranks, 'Go and fight - you are free…“ Robert E. Lee supported the proposal, but it was too late. The Civil War ended the Confederate nation. Judah Benjamin died in Paris at May 6, 1884. Some have accused Benjamin of being a conspirator of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Yet, those responsible for Lincoln’s assassination didn’t include Benjamin per se, but the Vatican/Jesuit network (since many coconspirators like Surratt, etc. were in fact Roman Catholics), the Knights of the Golden Circle, and other secret orders (working with the international banking elite). This has been proven by numerous books from CT Wilcox’s book to others. According to Joseph Geringer, John Wilkes Booth was a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle."

“…The Independent Order of B’nai B’rith formed in 1843 as a Jewish community subproject in the restoration of Masonry by the Scottish Rite and the British foreign office. Though most of its lodges were in the North, B’nai B’rith was openly proConfederate. Though it claimed to be neutral in the war, many of the Order’s Northern spokesmen were stridently pro-slavery. B’nai B’rith’s post-Civil War leaders were pro-Confederate operatives, including later president Simon Wolf, who had been arrested by the War Department in Washington, D.C. as the lawyer for a Confederate spy ring. "Rabbi Isaac Wise established B’nai B’rith’s center for the "liberalizing" of Judaism in Cincinnati, Ohio-coinciding with Cincinnati’s other great Scottish Rite scheme, the launching of the Knights of the Golden Circle. Wise was officially neutral in the Civil War. Core leaders of the B’nai B’rith from then on have been Scottish Rite Masons. The political establishment associated with the Order has always had its headquarters in London...” (From

It’s a known historical fact that many Sephardic Jews (not all Jews), related to the B’nai B’rith were involved in the slave trade. Charleston’s B’nai B’rith leader Edwin Deleon’s family were slave traders. Deleon advocated a stronger Anglo-American alliance. The B’nai B’rith lodge was pro-slavery for the most part. Simon Wolf (18551953) was one of the famous Order of the B’nai B’rith members who was arrested by Lafayette C. Baker (Chief of the U.S. Secret Service) on charges on spying and blockading the Confederacy. In fact, Wolf and Benjamin Peixoto (another B’nai B’rith person) were close friends with John Wilkes Booth (assassin of Abraham

Lincoln and according to Izola Forrester’s This One Mad Act was again a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle. Forrester was John Wilkes Booth’s granddaughter so this source does indeed have credibility). Let it also be known that many Jewish people opposed slavery and publicly called for the freedom of African Americans during the 19th century. In the Civil War, twice as many Jews fought for the Union as for the Confederacy. Northern Jews, many of them recent German immigrants, were strongly pro-republican and anti-slavery. Now let’s go into the 20th century. James Bulloch was a confederate exile, which was Judah Benjamin’s secret service liaison man in England. Bulloch a Confederate chief arms procurer. He was arrested in 1854 in the Cuban/Quitman fiasco. Gustavus Myers was a channel between Judah Benjamin and August Belmont. Hays and many Jewish leaders in Virginia back then were linked to the Rothschilds of London and the Freemasons."

Battlefield Dispatches No. 210: 'Guerrillas, Outlaws, Red Legs and Knights of the Golden Circle'

Battlefield Dispatches No. 210: 'Guerrillas, Outlaws, Red Legs and Knights of the Golden Circle'
Friday, April 16, 2010
Arnold W. Schofield

By the spring of 1863, the western tier counties of Missouri were part of the District of Kansas in the Department of Missouri and there were strict instructions circulated concerning the fate of Confederate Guerrillas, Bushwhackers and the Union Red Legs. If any of these individuals were captured their future longevity was very short as described in the following letters of instruction that were issued to Union commanders in the field. Both letters are located on "Pages 222-224 in Series I, Vol. 22 of the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion."

"Headquarters District of Kansas,

Fort Leavenworth, April 16, 1863.

Col. E. Lynde,

Commanding Ninth Regiment Kansas Volunteers:

Colonel: The western tier of counties of the State of Missouri, lying south of the Missouri River, being now embraced within the limits of this district, you will therefore, for the purpose of protecting loyal citizens and punishing traitors and insuring peace and quiet upon the borders of KANSAS & MISSOURI, move the troops under your command into the border tier of counties before mentioned (your headquarters remaining at Paola, Kansas) & co-operate with such other loyal Federal troops as you may find within the limits of this district. The troops should be kept moving or patrolling the border counties & exercise the utmost vigilance and promptness in discovering & destroying all BANDS OF GUERRILLAS & OUTLAWS & when such parties are met with ARMS IN THEIR HANDS, opposing the Federal authorities, they are not to be considered as belligerents, according to the rules & usages of civilized warfare; but having organized within the Federal lines to oppose the Federal authorities by armed resistance, THEY MUST BE TREATED AS INSURGENTS & SHALL SUFFER DEATH! When such persons are taken prisoner, WHICH SHOULD BE AVOIDED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, they will be summarily tried before a military commission, to be appointed by the senior officer present & if found GUILTY, MUST BE executed by HANGING or SHOOTING, without delay; but, in carrying out these instructions, great discrimination should be exercised, to the end that no loyal or innocent person shall suffer. The troops must be kept under complete discipline and subordination & all officers held accountable for the conduct of the men under their command.

ALL OPERATIONS AGAINST REBELS MUST BE DIRECTED BY THE LEGAL MILITARY AUTHORITIES. This injunction is to apply especially to an organization known as the "RED LEGS", which is an organized band of THIEVES & VIOLATORS OF LAW & GOOD ORDER. All such persons found prowling over the country, without a legitimate purpose must be DISARMED, & if they shall be caught in the act of thieving or other lawlessness, or in the possession of stolen property, for which they cannot give a good & sufficient reason, THEY SHALL BE SHOT ON THE SPOT!

And as there is reason to believe that officers in the military service are implicated, directly or indirectly, in the offenses committed by "RED LEGS" & other lawless bands, therefore, upon evidence that any officer has failed or neglected to carry out the foregoing instructions in reference to such offenders, they shall be dishonorably dismissed from the Service of the United States. All stock and other property taken from the rebels in the State of Missouri will be turned over to the commanding officer at Kansas City.

Copies of the foregoing instructions will be furnished to the commanding officers in the border counties of Missouri, for their information & guidance.


Major General, Commanding."

[Note: The "Knights of the Golden Circle" was one of a number of secret organizations in the "Border States" such as Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland & Delaware and some northern states that consisted of men & women who supported, supplied and spied for the Confederate States of America. The following letter is one of the few "official" Union documents that mentions & describes the activities of the Knights of the Golden Circle in Missouri.]

"Headquarters District of Kansas

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, April 17, 1863.

Major General Samuel R. Curtis,

Commanding Department of the Missouri:

General: In my opinion the rebel's purpose is not to move through Missouri, but upon Kansas. This opinion is confirmed by information I obtain through the Knights of the Golden Circle. I have a man who joined sometime since in Missouri for certain purposes [as a Union Spy]. He has been for sometime with Todd's Band of guerrillas in Jackson County & is well posted in the working order & the purposes for which they are organized. I expect to make a descent upon one of their lodges a few nights hence and if successful in taking them, I think I SHALL HANG ALL I CATCH. There are about 800 of them in Kansas & 10,000 in the State of Missouri. They are all sworn to support the southern confederacy & are secretly procuring arms & are confident that [Major General Sterling] Price will succeed in invading Kansas & Missouri. Recruiting Officer's from Price's army are constantly arriving & a regular correspondence by rebel mail is carried on between here & the rebel army. The plan of Price, as revealed by these Knights of the Golden Circle, is to make a feint with a small force in the direction of Springfield & Rolla, while with his main force he will move up the Arkansas [River] & through the Indian Country [,0klahoma] upon Kansas, while the troops for the protection of this line are diverted for the protection of Rolla.

Thus in addition to being the most desirable plan for them, for there is no State they would so much like to DEVASTATE as this. It is the most feasible plan, for leaving Fort Smith [, Arkansas] with 10 days of supplies of rations, they could reach Fort Scott through a country well provided with grazing, provided there was no force to oppose them; whereas they cannot move a large army up through Arkansas for want of grass.

Besides there is NOTHING TO ATTRACT THEM IN MISSOURI or supplies to sustain them, except for the government stores at the posts, which could be easily destroyed by us if necessary, while KANSAS would furnish abundance of supplies after reaching her south border. We should not suffer ourselves to be deceived in regard to their anticipated movements. Whatever I may be able to learn through the "Order" I will keep you posted. The telegraph should not be used in making mention of the "Knights of the Golden Circle." General Ewing has received orders from General Herron to join his command with the Kansas troops now in this district. I shall retain them in my district unless I receive orders from you to the contrary, as I believe that all of them & many more will be needed here before long.

I have the honor to be general, respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major General, Commanding."

Now then, the potential Confederate invasion of Kansas that General Blunt mentioned in this letter did not occur in 1863 so some of the information his spy in the "Knights of the Golden Circle" was not reliable and of course the War Went On!

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Jesse James and the Knights of the Golden Circle: Jesse Outside of Missouri (Part 1)

Jesse James and the Knights of the Golden Circle: Jesse Outside of Missouri (Part 1)

PHOTO;Confederate "partisan rangers" Fletch Taylor, Frank James, and Jesse, circa 1865.

A Fundamental Premise

One of the fundamental premises central to Jesse James’s role as a key player in the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) is the fact that Jesse spent time outside of the state of Missouri. Obviously, Jesse and Frank James’ Confederate partisan ranger and bank /train robbery activities (and those of many James Gang members) in Missouri are well documented, creating a distinct timeline for those activities.

What is not as well known however, are Jesse’s movements and activities outside his home state of Missouri, particularly those that occurred after the end of the U.S. Civil War in the Spring of 1865. Since many KGC treasure caches and repositories are said to be buried in other states, any documentation that establishes a presence of Jesse, Frank, or the James Gang as a whole in those other states presents an important clue to researching and potentially tracking down the location of these troves.

Other Forces and Other Actions

In past posts I’ve already mentioned the likelihood of Jesse travelling to other states. What I want to present here though is hard, well-documented evidence that Jesse, Frank, and/or the James Gang “visited” other states and left behind a record or timeline of their presence in those states.

Ostensibly, the greater part of the James Boys’ and James Gang activities in those other states concerned robbery and, to a certain extent, mayhem and murder. But underneath the superficial aspects of these activities other forces and other actions may have been at work as well, including those relating to the Knights and KGC treasure.

Evidence of Jesse’s Presence in Other States

Alabama: In March 1881 (a year before Jesse was murdered by that “dirty little coward” Bob Ford) Jesse and Frank are recognized while robbing a bank in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The Boys make a clean getaway and are not seen in the area again.

Arkansas: Jesse and four members of the James Gang hold up a stagecoach outside Hot Springs, Arkansas in January 1874. Along with cash Jesse and the others make off with watches and personal jewelry items totaling over $3,000. (Note: When relatives went through Jesse’s personal belongings after his murder, they found a pocket watch that was taken in this robbery. J.R.)

Iowa: Along with the Younger Brothers, Jesse and Frank rob a train near Adair, Iowa in July 1873. The gang is able to achieve this difficult task by derailing the Rock Island and Pacific RR engine, causing a crash that kills the train’s engineer. The Boys make off with $2,500-$3,500 in loot.

I have much more to come on Jesse’s activities outside of Missouri in a subsequent post. Be safe until then and, as always, good hunting.
© J.R. 2010
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Jesse James: Knight of the Golden Circle

Jesse James: Knight of the Golden Circle
Pop Culture Conspiracy Theory
April 14, 2010

No, not that Jesse James. Along with Jesse James other members included Jefferson Davis, Bedford Forrest, and William Quantrill (leader of the Confederate guerilla outfit Quantrill’s Raiders, with whom James rode). Some believe the society was created by the notorious Albert Pike, the subject of many a Masonic conspiracy theory. The South did in fact have an extensive intelligence infrastructure and Albert Pike was a key figure in that intelligence network. The only real news here is the claim that Jesse James was a key figure within that intelligence community as well and of course, the business about The Knights of the Golden Circle.

The James Gang’s train and bank robberies, it is claimed, were fundraising operations to finance the activities of the Knights of the Golden Circle, as well as to wreak general havoc with the plans of the Northern reconstructionists. James is also said to have been involved in supplying weapons and training to the Plains Indians, as a means of waging proxy war against the Union Army.

The Knights of the Golden Circle was “the most powerful subversive organization ever to operate within the United States.” (Getler & Brewer, op. cit.) First, they schemed to have Abraham Lincoln elected president, so as to inflame the South and cause secession. Later, their subordinate, John Wilkes Booth, assassinated Abraham Lincoln and with KGC assistance, Booth escaped. (what was behind that?) The KGC did not officially disband until 1908.

According to Norma Cox, in her book, The New Spoilers, she has the 12 charter members of the Golden Circle as including Jefferson Davis, Bedford Forrest, Jesse James, and William Quantrill. Some say Albert Pike was the creator of the Knights of the Golden Circle, but Cox doubts it. “Important to remember about such secret organizations is the fact that only the men at the top know the truth…”
Unfortunately for our tale, The Knights of the Golden Circle are linked to the infamous Ku Klux Klan, an organization responsible for many hateful acts over the years

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Local tragedies during Civil War By Don Cosby

Local tragedies during Civil War
By Don Cosby, Local Historian
The Washington Times-Herald
October 5, 2009

Indiana Governor Oliver P. Morton had his hands full during the Civil War as southern sympathizers and even some state legislatures opposed his pro-Union views. This is the second of a two-part series by local history buff Don Cosby on problems in the state and area during the Civil War. In fact, there was a time in 1863 when his Democratic controlled House of Representatives began to consider measures to diminish the authority of the governor and threatened to refuse to approve appropriations for the continuation of the war. With this, the Republican members devised a plan to intentionally be absent, thereby making it impossible to vote on the appropriation bill. They left in body for Madison, Ind., on the Kentucky border, reasoning that they could cross into Kentucky or Ohio if threatened with arrest. The Democrats expected that without state appropriations the Republicans would be forced to return back to Indianapolis due to the lack of funds to continue the war. Instead of depending on the state budget, however, Gov. Morton began to solicit funds from 19 individual counties, private people and a loan from Winslow Lanier Company, providing about $640,000. One railroad company patriotically initiated a loan of $15,000 which made a grand total of $1,026,321.31. He organized a State Board of Finance and appointed W.H. Terrell as finance secretary. These funds met and exceeded all necessary expenses for military needs as well as civil expenditures for nearly two years without any aid from the state legislature. There is no other similar case on record of any governor raising funds by his personal efforts to support a state government. Such an act was without doubt stretching the limits of the powers of the governor. This seemed to be of little interest to Gov. Morton when compared to the needs of the Union effort. This only intensified the partisan hatred for Gov. Morton and several Democrats in the end were found to actually be sympathetic with the efforts of the Knights of the Golden Circle. All disbursements by the State Board of Finance were paid personally by Gov. Morton under his personal signature. And later when audited, not a dollar was found to be misappropriated or unaccounted for. Finally in 1864 through the leadership of Gov. Morton, he was able to get legislation passed by the Indiana legislature and with the aid of a senior staff member revealed and exposed the facts related to the secret organization of the Knights of the Golden Circle. The exposure was complete, exposing the signs of the organization, the grips, the secret passwords, oaths, ceremonies as well as the purpose of the order. The total membership within the state organization was about 50,000. The officers had in their possession $200,000 earmarked for the purpose of buying arms for the Confederacy. The leadership was in constant communication with the rebels and had plans for open rebellion. The organization actually did very little damage in spite of their efforts to thwart the Union cause, however they only lacked the time, not the will. The leadership was totally committed in their opposition to the northern cause, and it was later learned that the state of Illinois also had a large number of local followers of the Circle. The Knights of the Golden Circle actually had plans in place to storm the gates of a prison camp near Chicago and free all Confederate prisoners by forming them into a Confederate fighting brigade with munitions also seized by an assault on the arsenal at Indianapolis. Railroad and telegraph lines were to be cut and Gov. Morton was to be captured and done away with if necessary. The incidents discussed here were not isolated cases within the state but were calculated attempts to disrupt, if not overthrow the federal government. Other Indiana communities had similar incidences involving the Knights of the Golden Circle, and Gov. Morton was well aware of this organization and its mode of operation. With such compelling information now made known, arrests were made of five key members. All were indicted for treason. The Grand Commander Harrison Dodd, however, was able to escape to Canada. But three others were found guilty and sentenced to death and one to prison. This brought to light a terrible chapter of little known Indiana history. At the conclusion of the war and before sentences were consummated for all those being held in prisons, Gov. Morton sent an emissary to Washington, D.C., to meet with President Johnson. In a letter presented to the President, Gov. Morton asked that the sentences of all found guilty be commuted. The recommendation of clemency was coming from a true patriot, being the target of assassination for those found guilty of treason. So bitter was the general feelings toward the traitors at this time and the hatred many felt toward the south, this act of forgiveness in Gov. Morton’s request on the surface stretched the limits of all reason and compassion. Had the request come from anyone else, Pres. Johnson would not have entertained for one minute his rejection. But clemency was being proposed from a personal confidant of a martyred Pres. Lincoln who had leaned so heavily upon his council throughout the entire war. A governor who had earned the respect of all who were acquainted with his omnipresence, first in council with Pres. Lincoln, then with his own eyes visiting the battlefields and witnessing the horrors of the conflict and his visits to the hospitals, ascertaining the wants and needs of the sick and wounded and providing assistance for widows and children of fallen soldiers. Yet the governor’s domestic duties were never compromised, such was the spirit and the hallmark of a true patriot such as Indiana’s Gov. Morton. Apparently his forgiving nature dictated that enough anger and killing had been experienced to last a lifetime. After lengthy deliberation, Pres. Johnson grudgingly honored Gov. Morton’s request. Later in Gov. Morton’s career he served as a highly respected senator and was credited with the complete destruction of treasonous organizations by arresting and convicting their entire leadership. Martin County also had a similar incident about the same time of Captain McCarty’s murder. A three-man military detail was sent to Martin County to notify men that they were drafted for service in the Union cause and also to attempt to locate deserters from the Union Army. They had reason to believe that Alan Anderson, a deserter, was in the vicinity of Natchez, which is on SR 150 a few miles north and west of West Baden and French Lick. The three-man detail composed of Lou Ritchie, Jack Ballard and O.P. Pierce were in the area for three days and had been unable to locate Anderson, but in passing the home of Bill Stanfield, a southern sympathizer who lived near what was known as Salt Peter Cave, Ballard noticed a Rebel flag on open display at Stanfield’s home. Ballard leaped from his horse and tore the flag from its fastenings, ripped it to pieces, trampling it under foot. The next morning about 6 a.m., he resumed his notification duties and manhunt. A little time later, a number of shots were heard, and Ballard’s horse came galloping back minus its rider. A search was organized, and Ballard’s body was found in the road riddled with 17 bullets, six of these from his own army revolver having penetrated his skull. Ballard was buried in the Hawkins Cemetery. Those responsible for Ballard’s murder were not immediately found, but several years later, as a result of a neighborhood row, a man by the name of Albert Quackenbush appeared before the Martin County grand jury and offered evidence causing the indictment of John G. Jones, James Archer, William Stanfield and Dr. John Stone for the murder of Ballard. There was no direct evidence other than that offered by Quackenbush, and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Two murders of Union officers so close together in basically the same area implicating the Knights of the Golden Circle, and the train wreck near Shoals was more than Gov. Morton could tolerate and felt the organization was a cancer to the community and had to be crushed. A sudden return to Martin County by Wesley Tranter, a former Martin County resident and Union soldier, caused speculation by some residents that Governor Morton had arranged for his return and concocted a fictitious story to tell the community. Tranter had said he had been drummed out of the Union Army and dishonorably discharged due to his attitude regarding the Union cause. For several weeks Tranter’s friends would barely speak to him. It was not long, however, until he fell into the good graces of the officers of the Knights of the Golden Circle. He joined the organization, secured its membership list, including the local as well as state officers. He learned the places throughout this section of Indiana where ammunition and guns were stored for shipment to the Confederate forces. Suddenly without notice, he left the neighborhood. The next day a trainload of Union soldiers came to Shoals from the east by the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, stopping about a half-mile east of Shoals, and double-quick surrounded the town of Shoals and in a few minutes the town received its first taste of military law. Steven Horsey, a resident of Shoals who lived close to the site of the train wreck involving hundreds of Union soldiers was arrested and within the next 24 hours, several other arrests were made on charges of treason. The grand commander of the Knights of the Golden Circle, Harrison H. Dodd of Indianapolis, Horace Heffren of Salem, Colonel W.A. Bowles of French Lick, John C. Walker of LaPorte, L.P. Milligan of Huntington, Andrew Humphreys of Greene County, Daniel Voorhees of Terre Haute and Thomas Hendricks were arrested. Some of those convicted were given death sentences by hanging, some to imprisonment. The sentences were not immediately carried out and all sentences were commuted later by presidential pardon at the request of Gov. Morton as previously described. Stephen Horsey, after being excused from the gallows, returned to Martin County a broken man after the cessation of hostilities and finally died in financial straits, void of self-respect and public acceptance. Wesley Tranter, the Union soldier whose undercover efforts caused the crushing of the Knights of the Golden Circle, to my knowledge was never heard of again in Martin County and apparently died without ever being recognized and honored for his undercover contributions toward the demise of the Knights. At the trials for treason, all defendants were unsuccessfully defended by James A. Garfield, a familiar name in later presidential politics. As for Gov. Morton, it would be utterly shameful for me to attempt to personally elaborate and expound upon the countless accolades offered at the death of Gov. Morton for any of my comments would be totally inadequate. It would be fitting and proper, however, to only add that few patriots could be found in history with more love of country than that of Indiana Governor Oliver P. Morton, and his legacy should be remembered in history as such. Sources: Daviess County Museum, Washington Carnegie Library, Indianapolis Journal’s Life of O.P. Morton, James Ford Rhodes, Volume VI 1850-1896 History of United States. Direct comments to Don Cosby, 1201 N.E. Third St., Washington, IN 47501, e-mail at doncos

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The Golden Circle

Golden Circle (proposed country)
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The Golden Circle was a pan-Caribbean political alliance inspired by the Burr conspiracy, in the 1850s that would have included many countries into a United States-like federal union. The Golden Circle was centered in Havana and was 2,400 miles (3,900 km) in diameter. It included northern South America, most of Mexico, all of Central America, Cuba, Haiti and most other Caribbean islands, and the southern United States. The circle's border roughly coincides with the Mason-Dixon line, and it includes the cities of St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Mexico City, and Panama City.

Many supporters of the Federal Republic of Central America that had failed in 1840 saw the Golden Circle as its natural extension[citation needed]. Never realized as a political unit, the Circle was competitive with and threatened the establishment of strong federal governments in the United States and Mexico[citation needed]. In the years after the Mexican-American War, many Americans felt that the largely weak and corrupt governments in Latin America should be reformed into democracies, by conquest if necessary[citation needed].

One of the political arguments in favor of the Golden Circle involved slavery. European colonialism and the African slave trade had declined more rapidly in some countries than others, and by 1850 slavery had been abolished in all British and French territories, along with the northern U.S. states. Slavery was, however, still practiced in the Spanish colonies of Cuba and Puerto Rico, and in the Brazilian Empire. In the years prior to the American Civil War, abolitionism was one of several divisive issues in the country. In the United States, despite the closing of the slave trade, the slave population continued to grow during this time through natural increase.

The delicate balance of power between the northern and southern U.S. states was threatened by the proposed Golden Circle. Federalists feared that a new Caribbean-centered coalition would align the new Latin American states with the slave-state side. This would tilt the balance of power southward and weaken U.S. federalism in favor of the Pan-American confederalist union. Gold Circlists believed that an alignment with the remaining slaveholding Caribbean territories would reinforce their political strength.

The Knights of the Golden Circle was the U.S. organization formed to promote and help create the Pan-American union of states. It was organized in 1854 by George W. L. Bickley, a Virginia-born doctor, editor, and adventurer living in Cincinnati. It grew slowly until 1859 and reached its height in 1860. The membership, scattered from New York to California and into Latin America, was never large.
After the civil war, many Americans moved their slave-based operations to Cuba and Brazil (see Confederados), where slavery remained legal into the 1880s.

Other American adventurists in Latin America echoed some of the ideals of the Golden Circle; William Walker was the most successful of those individuals who attempted to build a Latin American empire. Some historians think that the Spanish-American War was a continuation of these policies.

In fiction

The fictional speculative movie C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America which looks at a Southern victory in the Civil War, was inspired by a brief mention of the concept of the Golden Circle in Ken Burns' documentary The Civil War (see section on 'Directors Comment)' - though it is interpreted in the film as a plan enacted after the war, rather than one that ended in 1860 before the war started.

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Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves enacted 1807, outlawed new slaves brought into US

Further reading

May, Robert E. (1973). The Southern Dream of a Caribbean Empire, 1854-1861. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press. ISBN 080710051X.
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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 8

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 8

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps are not maps drawn as a Hollywood movie chart. Sometimes physical markers on location must also be considered in the context. The original map should overlay the area with the landmarks evident. This will lay out the template of the location. Then the on-site location signs must be sought. To locate these, I find it easier if I search out the things that are out of the ordinary. To explain this, I am going to use an actual sign marker from an expedition in the Southwest. This is one of the most unusual markers I have encountered but use it for emphasis that you might see how out of place it was.

This particular location had been settled post civil war and was well known as an ‘outlaw’ area. Just as the case with Jesse James, these outlaws may have resorted to illegal activities but primarily were acting on behalf of their ‘cause’. I did not have the Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map available to me but searching the area located some of the markers from a template. Due to not even having a complete template, I searched one of the template marker areas. Although clear indication of the direction and distance was there for the next sign, I could not find the all important ‘next clue’. There was an old building on the location. I took a metal detector and located a signal in the middle of the small building. I carefully excavated around the signal and at the depth of about 12 inches found the source of the signal. There was an iron bar driven into the ground vertically. On top of the post laying flat was an unusual item that was the next clue for direction. That item is in the photograph at the beginning of this article. This is where most people make their first mistake. I have seen so many treasure hunters immediately grab the item and begin to examine it. Wrong! We would have just lost the direction, and in many cases, even the distance. In this case the length of the iron bar gave the distance and the item gave the three directions. Examine the attached photograph and in the next article we will discover what we found about the interpretation.

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure maps and Spanish treasure maps are in many forms. Some literal maps and some physical maps on site are very complex and without the keys will never be deciphered. If you need help with a KGC or Spanish map or site location, email or call 480 463 6579. Dr. Melancon will respond to you directly.

Golden Circle Farm

"...Indiana was the center of Klan activity about 95% of its members were Democrat. My daughter bought a farm from the grandkids of an Indiana Democrat official. On this farm was a barn dating to the period the official owned it. Carved into the siding was a Knights of the Golden Circle Maltese cross. The Name of the farm was "Golden Circle Farm"."

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[DES ARC, ARK.] THE CONSTITUTIONAL UNION November 16, 1860 – April 5, 1861

November 16, 1860 – April 5, 1861

Excerpt: "[DES ARC, ARK.] THE CONSTITUTIONAL UNION, November 23, 1860, p.3,c.7
A Flying Machine Patented.—A flying machine has just been patented in London, consisting of a very light steam engine, which is to operate a huge pair of wings. Oil is to be used for fuel instead of wood or coal, that greater heat may be obtained with the same weight."

masthead W. H. Rhea, Editor. The Constitution, the Union, and the Enforcement of the Laws. $2 per annum, in advance
Vol. 1, Number 2

[DES ARC, ARK.] THE CONSTITUTIONAL UNION, November 16, 1860, p.3,c.4
Knights of the Golden Circle.—Gen. Bickley, who signs himself "President American Legion," writes as follows to The Galveston News of the causes of his delay to cross the Mexican Rubicon:
"The recent failure of Gen. Walker in his expedition to Honduras, and the silence of our Government in reference to the intervention of the British, has caused many to fear that our take would be more difficult than had been previously supposed. The difficulty of transporting large quantities of material and troops across the country, and the approaching Presidential contest, have all shown how necessary to success is the element of time. Arms that ought to have been at our rendezvous have not arrived, and agents have to be sent in search of them. Corn must be shipped from the Ohio river, and the force in this State simultaneously assembled. All this is the work of time. To throw ourselves in a body of 400 or 500 men only across the river would insure disaster. This will not do—if I cross it must be with every element of success in my hands, viz: men, arms, and materials. We shall cross at the earliest possible moment."

[DES ARC, ARK.] THE CONSTITUTIONAL UNION, November 16, 1860, p.4,c.7
"Minute Men" in South Carolina.—As an offset to the "Wide Awakes" of the North, "Minute Men" are organizing in all the principal districts of South Carolina. The Charleston Mercury says:
"Their object is to form an armed body of men, and to join in with our fellow-citizens, now forming in this our sister States as 'Minute Men,' whose duty is to army, equip and drill, and be ready for any emergency that may arise in the present perilous position of Southern States. In Kershaw, Abbeville, and Richland districts the organization is already complete and powerful, embracing the flower of the youth, and led on by the most influential citizens. The badge adopted is a blue rosette—two and a half inches in diameter, with a military button in the centre, to be worn upon the side of the hat."

[DES ARC, ARK.] THE CONSTITUTIONAL UNION, November 23, 1860, p.3,c.7
A Flying Machine Patented.—A flying machine has just been patented in London, consisting of a very light steam engine, which is to operate a huge pair of wings. Oil is to be used for fuel instead of wood or coal, that greater heat may be obtained with the same weight.

[DES ARC, ARK.] THE CONSTITUTIONAL UNION, February 1, 1861, p.4,c.5
Twenty patriots of the Revolution have died within the last year. Eighty-two are now all that remain.