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Jesse James and the Knights of the Golden Circle: Jesse Outside of Missouri (Part 2)

Jesse James and the Knights of the Golden Circle: Jesse Outside of Missouri (Part 2)
MONDAY, APRIL 19, 2010

PHOTO: Downtown Russellville, Kentucky, the site of a Jesse James bank robbery in 1868.

As I promised in my previous post on this subject, here is more documented evidence of Jesse’s (and in some instances, Frank James’ and the James Gang’s) activities outside of the state of Missouri:

Evidence of Jesse’s Presence in Other States (Continued)

Kansas: In December 1874 the James and Younger Gangs joined forces to rob a Kansas Pacific Railroad train near Muncie, Kansas. Jesse, Frank, and the Youngers made off with over $50,000 which was quite a haul even by modern standards (probably the equivalent of a half a million dollars or more by today’s standards). Fortunately for all concerned, no one was injured in this robbery.

Kentucky: Jesse and the Boys managed to run off with $14,000.00 taken from the Nimrod Long Banking Company in Russellville, Kentucky on March 20, 1868. One of the locals was wounded in the process but no one was killed and none of the Boys was hurt.

Kentucky: The James Gang and the Youngers rode together again on April 1872 when they robbed the Bank of Columbia in Columbia, Kentucky. This time things went awry when a cashier was shot and killed but the Boys still made off with over $3,000.

Kentucky: Returning to the Bluegrass State in September 1880, Jesse and Frank held up a stagecoach near Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. No one was hurt and the James Boys rode off to split $1,600 in cash, gold, and silver.

Nebraska: In June Jesse and Frank ride up to Omaha, Nebraska. This time their purpose is not robbery, but Frank James’ wedding where he ties the knot with Annie Ralston in a small, private ceremony.

It may be of interest here to note that there is also substantial evidence that Jesse James made appearances at two locations in south-central Illinois as well, although no dates are given for these visitations. One of these was at Greenville and the other at a place called Carolina or Carolinda(?)

I’ll have more information on Jesse’s activities outside of Missouri in a subsequent post. Good hunting in the meantime.

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