Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 9

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 9
Underground Discovery
By Dr. John Melancon


"Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps varied greatly in the methodology of hiding. In the last KGC article (#8) I included a photograph of one of the location items from an actual KGC site.

As you view this sign, it is clear that it is a pointer. Upon finding such an item, most treasure hunters would go the direction of the upper point of triangle, believing that the point between the keys would be the directional indicator. While this is true, you will have a most difficult time retrieving the treasure. Whenever the KGC sends me directly to a location I become very wary. I have had enough experience with death traps to proceed cautiously. Going directly to a large cache will get people killed. In this case, the keys unlock the secrets. The thinking of the Knights of the Golden Circle while constructing their treasure maps was pretty straightforward but they were still deceptive. The pointer takes you immediately to the treasure complete with death awaiting you. The distance was not the length of the bar as explained in article 8, the length of the bar gave the distance to the locations the keys were pointing! The locations that the keys pointed to gave away the interpretation of distance and gave more ‘keys’ to opening the ‘vault’. So the thinking was straightforward as I said. Keys unlock things. They did here too. But they were deceptive, knowing the average person would ignore the keys and go straight to the location. This would ultimately protect their treasure through death traps and get rid of the person attempting to take it without their permission. I have seen this type of indicator used primarily in the Southwest U.S. and as of yet not elsewhere.

Of special interest, I was just given a photograph copy of a Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map template and I have been asked to resolve what was carved into stone. It is very unusual to see such a template carved on stone and left in a place that is easily discovered. This KGC treasure map is in the Southwest once again and has two crossed arrows with a pointer immediately between the arrows. Similar to the photo of the sign we just discussed. One of the arrows does not have a tip, but rather a short dialogue in place of the arrowhead. Stay tuned, hunters, I am thinking of working this treasure map template through and explaining parts of this as we resolve this one. This Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map template “in stone” is just a few miles from a major repository that has already been discovered."