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Jesse James And The Knights Of The Golden Circle

Jesse James And The Knights Of The Golden Circle

A very strange thing happened on May 19, 1948 at Lawton, Oklahoma. A very old gentleman who was going by the name of Col. J.Frank Dalton claimed to be over 107 years old came public and released an incredible, almost unbelievable tale regarding a very secret Southern underground organizational known as the “Knights of the Golden Circle”.

They drew a circle and shut us out.
In vain, they thought they’d won by rout
But men of God, with wit to win.
Drew a larger circle and shut them in.

Frank Dalton claimed to be the original, famous outlaw and desperado affectionately known as “ Jesse James”, who’s Christian name was Jesse Woodson James of Kentucky. Mr. Dalton claimed that as a result of his legendary past as Jesse James it was necessary for him to stage a fake death way back in1882 so as to be free of the mystic and legendary tales for which he was becoming famously known and wanted.
He claimed in truth that over the years he assumed over 73 different personalities or aliases, some of which had a great impact on the history of this great country.
One of the more mysterious things about this time period is the fact that there seemed to be many Jesse and Frank James’s running around different parts of the county causing all type of mischief.
Many of these other murderous unscrupulous individuals took advantage of their assumed namesakes reputation to do many dishonorable acts, including unmanly murders and other outrageous crimes, all in the name of the “James Gang”.
This is not meant to presume that the real Jesse and Frank James were angels, no, not by any stretch of the imagination. The real James gang killed many of these impostors and actually staged the accepted cowardly murder of Jesse James in St. Joseph, Missouri.
They had to spin and work it so the history books today read quite differently than what actually happened; but given the times, circumstances, and the fact that a number of these thugs, border ruffians and downright dishonorable backstabbers were using and hiding behind the fear and fame of “Jesse James” at the time.
It was conflicting considering the important, vital work of the Confederate Underground Army which he Jesse, along with Quantrill, headed., So what actually happed is quite understandable.
For the sake of this article at times I will refer to this particular gentleman as JWJ.
It was said that the so called James Gang, Quantrill’s Guerrillas led by the famous William Clarke Quantrill, and the Missouri Confederate Irregulars under General Marmaduke or General J. O. Shelby, where nothing more than a secret underground Confederate Army operating secretly throughout the South and Southwestern
United States. This was the same Gen. Shelby that led his troops into Mexico to help the proclaimed French foreign leader, Emperor Maximilian. Unfortunately Gen. Shelby’s expedition proved to be a disaster and it was necessary for the Knights of the Golden Circle to send in an experienced guerilla force under Col. Jesse W. James and William Quantrill to rescue what was left of Shelby’s Army around 3,200 men.
It was also said that the Hapsburg Jewels and heirlooms entrusted to Maximilian by Napoleon Bonaparte including the Emperor’s personal wealth and a great Aztec treasure vault, were secured by the Confederate’s and moved into a cavern in a very large and famous peak in the San Andre’s range of New Mexico.
Benito Juarez, the liberator of Mexico and his so-called patriots captured Emperor Maximillian and executed him and his entire staff by firing squad.
After the close of the Civil War the Knights of the Golden Circle moved very quickly to establish a foothold in very profitable businesses throughout the country. They set up movies houses, livery stables, a clever ploy, mining companies, timber companies and railroad contracting operations.
They even started a chain of drug stores, not to shabby as its hard to fight a second civil wall without a good source of drugs. Later on they moved into the banking business, wall street brokering, money laundering and manufacturing.
They would deposit large sums of money in K.G.C. banks, insure the deposits thru Wall Street Brokers and Bankers and turn around, rob the money back and of course collecting the full amount from the surety insurance companies.
They even continued the practice that they were most famous for which was stealing illegal contraband and of course more sophisticated forms of robbery, a trade that they had perfected into a science.
Every venture had a military responsibility and specific purpose.
A grand plan, so to speak.
Does all this sound like a bunch of hicks running around trying to stir up trouble, or does this sound like a group of well trained military men who are planning a grand battle adventure to again fight their enemies, who defeated them badly in the first American Civil War.
All they had to do was to figure a way to finance it themselves.