Tuesday, April 20, 2010

K.G.C. Home Page By Floyd Mann

K.G.C. Home Page
By Floyd Mann


What ? You have never heard of them ? That's OK !

Actually, only a very small percentage of "treasure hunters" have heard of the KGC.

I first heard of the KGC about 7 years ago and I have been "collecting" ANY and ALL info on the KGC----as I come across it.

This website will give you about 99% of my knowledge on the KGC. A few things I am holding back---until a later date.

MOST of my knowledge about the KGC is from "research", BUT: I do have field experience in trying to find their treasures.

The KGC were ( or ARE ? ) a very mysterious and secretive group. As you visit the MANY links I have provided on this website, you will become MUCH more knowledgeable on the Knights of the Golden Circle. There are THOUSANDS of pages of info for you to read on my listed links.

Supposedly ( rumor has it ! ) the KGC has hidden BILLIONS---mabe even TRILLIONS ? of dollars in caches around the United States and other countries. And we all want to find some of that loot---right ?

Take a month , or more, to try to visit most of the links on this website. Think it over and please give me some feedback and let me know YOUR thoughts and ideas about the KGC. OK ?

SO: Why am I going to share my accumulated knowledge and research with YOU ? Why not keep ALL of the treasure for myself ? Well---I'm NOT greedy. I can only spend so much money. I would absolutely LOVE it if you were to learn some valuable information from this website and go recover a KGC treasure !

I give you this information for FREE. I really do not expect anything in return. BUT: if you would care to share any of YOUR knowledge and ideas with me---that would be fantastic!

Anything you give me---or tell me---will be between you and I-----unless you are submitting the info to be added to this database for others to enjoy. Just let me know ! If you need help on one of your KGC projects---just contact me. I don't want to know where it is----not even the state it is in ! I'm not out to take your treasure !

This website will not have a lot of photos, graphics, etc. to slow down your learning process . You do not need the distractions. Consider this website as a "plain Jane" encyclopedia. A lot of info in an easy-to-read format. Link after link after link of GOOD knowledge !

A lot of the information you will learn from this website will be "mind-boggling". WARNING: you WILL lose sleep, because some of this stuff is almost unbelievable. But, why CAN'T it be true ? You will learn that the history books are wrong---we have been lied to !

There are 9 "BUTTONS" at the top on the left of this page. You are reading the HOME page right now. On each of the other 8 BUTTONS you will find a LOT of other informational links to other websites. I might have a few comments , now and then, throughout the website, but why "re-invent the wheel" ? These websites will speak for themselves. Somewhere on each link is SOMETHING that I believe to be somehow related to the KGC.

I have tried to divide my files into the proper 9 categories/aspects of the KGC. I realize that some of you researchers will think I should have put a certain link ( or more ! ) under a different BUTTON---but: if you will read every link on this website---it won't matter !

Who am I to give you this website and info ? Nobody, really. Just a guy who seeks knowledge and is also very willing to share.

I am FLOYD MANN. 50, retired, living in Utah. I also have another website: www.LostTreasureUSA.com .

I also have a FREE twice-monthly newsletter for treasure hunters---at the same website. This website is structured very similar to the LOST TREASURE USA website and newsletter.

Over the next few years I will add additional links, stories and information---as it is submitted to me---OR: as I learn of it ! If you have something to submit, please send it to me at: AKGCKNIGHT@AOL.COM

Now I realize that there are two or three of you out there that wishes I had not made the KGC so publicized. BUT: there are FAR more people that want to learn, SO: Majority RULES ! Democracy wins AGAIN ! I'm not going to tell the world where the site that you are working on is, BUT: in upcoming months I will be giving out some GOOD clues on some sites.

If the big bad boys of the KGC ( IF they exist ! ) feel threatened by my displayed info, they will realize that I'm really not telling any big secrets---just telling people what is already out there on the internet. Public knowledge.

OK !! Let's start learning all about the KGC ! I suggest that you click on the BUTTONS in the arranged order. This page is HOME. Next BUTTON is KGC. Have FUN !

PLEASE CONSIDER THIS SUGGESTION: PRINT this website--right now ! ---ALL of the pages ! Then you have the info & links---if this website "mysteriously" disappears !