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Story Written By: COSMOWOLFF

It's a little known secret that the Knights of The Golden Circle established major treasure and goods depositories in every state in the United States plus Canada, Mexico and other places in Central and South America.

A list A list of of many of the treasures and depositories buried by the Knights of the Golden Circle was listed in the book Jesse James was one of his Names, by Del Schrader and his co-author Lee Hauk a.k.a. Jesse Lee James III. All of the information for this book was provided by Lee Hauk including the specific names and list of treasures provided in code.

The KGC had a very prescribed and detailed method to burying large treasure depositories; also leaving a very sophisticated and overlapping methods of signs, clues, and many other types of locating devices. Every treasure has a name that may or may not give a clue to where the treasure is located. Remember, these treasure were not to be easily found by weekend treasure hunters but were meant to be located and opened by the right person or group of people. I will indulge myself in this article to describe some very public and well protected methods of communication left by the leaders of the Knights of the Golden Circle.

It should be also divulged that the KGC buried smaller treasures in the vicinity of large depositories in an effort the conceal and divert attention away from the major treasures or depository. They also knew better than to keep all their eggs in one basket.

If you should happen to find a locating device please do not destroy it as it may prove valuable later on as you understand the KGC method of location intelligence. Sometimes a locating sign besides pointing to something local, can also be a locating device for other treasures many miles away and in some cases hundreds of miles away in other states. I have heard of locating devices or treasure signs (symbols) strung along a chain of mountain tops covering over 120 miles. Its important to know that the exact distance between the locating devices as they can be very important and should be plotted on the oldest U.S. topographical maps that you can obtain.

In this article I will begin to list and describe certain signs and symbols which will provide a great deal of history and information on a set of of KGC treasures buried using the four corners region of the United States. It is the apex or starting reference point for one major KGC treasure known as AThe Treasure of the Four Kings@. Please keep in mind that there are also hidden KGC treasures known as The Four Queens, The Four Jacks, and The Four Aces, and possibly The Four Tens. If you can find the area where the Four Kings are located, you will start to pick up locations and clues to the other Royal Deck of Card Treasures.

The 4 Kings Treasure was listed in the book under KGC code F. The treasures listed in category code F are all located in the State of Colorado and New Mexico with locations in Arizona and Utah ie......the four kings, the four states, the four major depositories, marked by four major petroglyph sites and, with the major depositories located near or around four special mountain peaks.

Please keep in mind also that the KGC organization used numerology in many of its ciphers and if your not familiar with numerology you should know that the number four is a very dangerous and mysterious number. If I had to describe it in a few words I would describe it as a bad code or bad number.

Confederate or KGC codes utilize many variations of numbers usually associated with Masonic Symbolism and Biblical stories. A good example would be King Solomon who would be associated with the number 666, which is the amount of gold that was given to him by the Queen of Sheba. Well now, you already have a hint about two very important people associated with the KGC, a King and a Queen. I wonder if they are depicted as one of the Four Kings in the Salt Creek Canyon petroglyph site in Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah.

Also, did you know that there is or was a road in central Arizona listed as route 666, which by the way terminated in a town called Solomon in Southern Arizona. The old route 666 is a very important reference point for anyone trying to locate KGC treasure in Arizona.

Are you familiar with the Old Route 66 which of course today is Route 40, running east and west across the United States.

Have you heard of the Vanishing Wagon Train Treasure located in a famous pass between Leadville and Fairplay, Colorado. It just happens to be 66 tons of Gold carried by 33 oxen carts.

You might note that other bad KGC numbers might be 2's, 4's, and 8's . Also multiple of these numbers such as 16, 32, 64, and 128

Most KGC or confederate codes are deciphered using multiples of 3's, 5's, and 7's, and of course the multiples there-of, such as 12's, 24's, 48 and 96.

You probably won't find to many 10's, 15's and 20's or even 11's,14's, 21's and 28's associated with Confederate secret codes. If you do, you better be careful as you may be in eminent danger.

If you find a number 13 B make a camp on a trail.

Many of these referred to treasures are primary depositories and should contain many different types of goods necessary to stock a marching army. They are very heavily booby trapped and many false entrance were developed that may not be good for your health if you locate and attempt to enter one. Besides Gold and Silver they probably contain uniforms, food stuffs, saddles, livery supplies, guns, ammunition and black powder. It should be mentioned that black powder turns to nitroglycerin with age, so be careful.

Please remember that when searching for buried KGC treasure that some of the clues are very sophisticated and can have double meanings. Although I will not give you every clue, I will provide enough information to get you started in the right location and direction.

The rest is up to you.

One has to keep in mind that even though these old timers were fairly smart and clever. The one thing that they had that we don't today is a lot of idle time.

It takes many hours, days and weeks to travel across this country by horseback or wagon. There=s lots of time to think of a lot of different things and you didn't have to watch out for crazies on the road with you.

Happy Trails.