Monday, January 3, 2011

Geocaching with the Knights of the Golden Circle

"natural amphitheater, natural bridge, shelter bluffs, balanced rock

9/22/04 ,10/8/06 muggled!!! hopefully not geo-muggles.
moved cache to new location. no hint. just use gps.
real reason for this cache is to share beauty of area with others, so sign log, take nothing, leave nothing. log your comments here, come explore this spot, follow bluffs on west for more shelter bluffs and rock formations. go south about 150 yds and you can explore along the top of a low bluff line with pretty decent views in winter.

this was a meeting place during Civil War for the Knights of the Golden Circle. Southern sympathizers with ties to the "Copperheads" and possibly part of the reverse underground railroad. lots of history in this area and a really nice area to explore. park at 37.36440, 88.21802 go north west to take the low trail below bluffs, go thru archway , head south . plastic food container with log book. locals camp and party here so take a trash bag. lots of poison ivy and cliffs, so watch your step and supervise the little ones, stay on trails."

The Knights of the Golden Circle Research and Historical Archives