Tuesday, January 4, 2011

$2,000,000 in James Boys Loot? (Conclusion)

In the first post in this 2-part series I brought to your attention the possibility of a $2,000,000 cache buried by the James Boys somewhere in or near southwestern Oklahoma's Wichita Mountains. There are also those who believe that this princely sum represents a large Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) repository.
Disrupted by "John Law"
According to this treasure legend, Jesse and Frank James could not return to recover this cache because the Pinkerton Agency and law enforcement in general was hunting them down with a vengeance. Each time the James Boys made an attempt to return to southwestern Oklahoma to recover all or a portion of their 2 million in "goodies," their plans went awry or were disrupted by "John Law."
Eventually, as we all know, Jesse was gunned down by "that dirty little coward" Bob Ford and Frank ended up behind bars doing a stiff jolt for his, Jesse's, and the James gang's transgressions. Ostensibly this is the reason the $2,000,000 trove was never recovered.
Frank and Jesse Were Not Stupid
Somehow I can't see Frank James walking out of prison and forgetting about that stash. The James Boys and their cohorts were desperadoes all right, hard cases that had served with Quantrill's irregulars during the American Civil War, had ridden with "Bloody" Bill Anderson at one point, and whom had both seen and served up much of what could be considered in some circles as atrocities.
Yet, criminals or not, Frank and Jesse were not stupid. They could not have survived as long as they did both during the war and after if they were your typical moronic thieves. No sir...no way, no how.
An Elaborate and Deliberate Plan?
Frank James would never have willingly left a trove totaling out to $2,000,000 buried somewhere between Fort Sill and the Keeche Hills. UNLESS that trove was a KGC repository buried to fund the Golden Circle's plans in the Southwest.
Yet to believe this, you must first believe that the James Boys (and perhaps the Younger Brothers as well) were, at the very least, KGC members and at the far end, dedicated KGC "Sentinels." If they were either of these (and many treasure hunters and researchers believe they were one or the other), then that $2,000,000 was buried in an elaborate and deliberate plan.
I'll Leave it at That
I know some of you out there scoff at the idea of the KGC, let alone the involvement of American legends like the James Boys, the Youngers, and the James gang in such a secret society. But I will tell you this here and now:
1) The KGC did exist and that much is proven fact.
2) KGC treasure signs and symbols have been found in many parts of the United States, including Oklahoma.
3) KGC caches and troves HAVE BEEN RECOVERED.
I'll leave it at that
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