Friday, January 14, 2011

A Rosicrucian Connection to the Knights of the Golden Circle?

Since we have made a brief mention of the Rosicrucians and for those newest members to this forum I would like to present this excerpt from Chapter 12 of "Jesse James Was One of His Names" The entire chapter can be found in the archives at:

"Some of the craftiest, finest brains in the South directed activities of The Knights of the Golden Circle. The group was heavy on ritual, which was borrowed from the Masonic Lodge and later The Knights of Pythias. A couple were members of the Rosicrucians.
The 13-man Inner Sanctum which ran the Golden Circle in the years immediately following the Civil War elected Colonel Elbert DeWitt Travis, alias William Clarke Quantrill and Charley Hart, as its chief. He served until his death in the middle 1890s. Secretary of the Inner Sanctum was "Uncle George" Payne, while Jesse James was elected treasurer and comptroller in 1867 when former Emperor Maximilian donated $12.5 million to the group. The other ten members were General Nathan B. Forrest, John Patterson (Jefferson Davis), Bud Dalton, Professor B. E. Bedeczek, Lewis Dalton. George Baxter, Captain John James, Coleman Younger, General J. O. Shelby and Jack (Brae) Miller. As members of the Inner Sanctum died or became too old to serve, they were replaced up to 1916"