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James Boys Treasure Signs and Symbols: Important Reader Information

No Expert  

As I’ve stated in the past, I don’t consider myself an expert when it comes to treasure signs and symbols. Although I have passing skills in this regard there are some researchers and treasure hunters out there who could dance circles around me when it comes to this facet of treasure hunting. And I’ll be the first to admit it.

I just received the following comments from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. What this person has to say about James Boys' treasure signs and symbols is not only intriguing, but underlies the fact that this person is obviously highly experienced in reading and interpreting treasure sign.

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How do I know this? I can tell by this person’s obvious attention to detail and the deliberate and highly literate manner in which he (or she) comments. At the same time certain aspects are left open for your interpretation, which is as it should be.

If you’re at all interested in James Boys or Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) caches or troves I strongly suggest that you commit what this person has to say to memory or print a copy of this page:

“A Good Start…”

“A good start for the adventurous seeker of the James' path of deception would have a close path by starting in the Ouachita National Forest near the Dutch Creek Mountain area, east by northeast of Mena, Arkansas. There are symbols a plenty here with some very positive finds by a knowledgeable researcher.”

“The cross, knife, and arrow are used to throw off the novice seekers as to the actual direction to follow. The position symbol of the leaf is the true path to follow. Right, left, up, or down will determine the direction to a clump or small mound of stones or slate rock.”

“The Years Are Taking Their Toll”

“Certain symbols will be near to fading away. The years are taking their toll on the true symbols. The distance from one point to the next is in a reflection distance, times ten, of the noon day's sun from the leaf side of the tree to ground level in one wide step.”

“The tree signs are best visible in the late Fall of the seasons. Again, the years have taken their toll on the true carved symbols which were first set at eye level to an average human's height. The tree symbols will only rise higher up on the tree but will never change sides.”

“The Most Positive Indication”

“In the past several years the stone markers have been renewed (altered? J.R.) to a lesser detection view, but they are the most positive indication of that which many seek. Using a metal detector is, in some areas, forbidden.”

“However, a hand-held magnetic compass would serve an equal purpose without being detected by onlookers. That is what was used by the first guardians. Once again, metal detectors are better, but will alert many to one's activity.”

There you have it. I’ll leave the rest to you.

Good hunting.
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