Monday, February 8, 2010



Albert Pike, the Masonic genius, who once lived in a little shack near Caddo, Arkansas, was the true grand designer of what was to become known as the Knights of the Golden Circle. His education was steeped deeply into the ancient teachings of long ago civilizations. He studied the Knight's Templars, the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and pulled it all together into a massive knowledge base. He traveled around the country setting up Blue Lodges and counseled the various Indian tribes that dotted the landscapes. He was a friend to many and a mystery to modern society.

Some say Albert Pike was the grand designer of the secretive Knight's of the Golden Circle depositories that still lie in wait. Others have wrote about his codes that were devised to fool most men in search of these golden hoards. In Pike's past, while living in a shack near the Little Missouri Falls, he fled during the night with a large chest containing gold coins and his most valuable papers while a couple of would be robbers broke in and found nothing. Yes, the tip was good and Albert was smart.

In his latter years, before he retired to Washington, D.C., Pike traveled across the country and a few say he was looking in on the secret depositories and making sure they were secure enough so others could not find them. His travels took him out West all the way to
California, through the hot southwest, the midwest and eventually down to Florida. Many stops along the way took a heavy toll on his health
and Albert became sick. By the time he reached Washington, D.C., his health failed him and he finally met his maker. Many statues and other
tributes have been built and written about the Master of the Masons and books will soon be published telling more about this man of mystery.

The Southern Knights, or what we call The Knights of the Golden Circle, was the most secretive group ever devised. Their corps involved engineers, map makers, surveyors, railroad agents, sentinel's and many others who hid the wealth of the South in various places across the country with one great idea in mind, "The South Will Rise Again." Unfortunately, it didn't!

Modern treasure hunters armed with electronics have searched in vain to unravel the mysterious codes, signs and symbols devised by Pike and the KGC to no avail. Experts in various fields of study have published books and released other materials telling of these secret
depositories and the forums are filled with those who lay claim to the final solutions. Seems as though everyone has an opinion or two about
the subject and some even claim to be experts who have solved the riddles. All of this might be true but one fact remains more so than
anything else, no depositories have been opened! True, caches have been found in various parts of the country that point to an involvement of the KGC and there are many places where signs and symbols can still be found on trees and stone. So, we must ask yourselves how much do we want to believe and how much is pure fiction?

There have been attempts to link Jesse James, William Quantrill and others to the KGC and in some circles there is a basis of truth
about it all. Jesse James was a smart man in outlaw ways and in my opinion he also used code in his hidings. I've been to various areas where I have found his code and it's an elaborate one. I do feel Jesse was a student of Pike's work and much was taught to Jesse by Pike over the years. There is evidence that Jesse was also a Mason and a very high one at that.

It all boils down to this, if you are out there looking for the KGC caches and depositories and if you are looking for Jesse's hidings
then I would suggest you start reading everything you can on the Mason's since the link is very strong and there is evidence to support this.

There's a very strong relationship between Mason's and the KGC and you can throw Jesse James in the mixture also. The Jesse James code is
different from the KGC codes but they all have a common thread. If you want the gold from the Southern Knights and if you want to eventually
enjoy Southern Comfort then all I can say is this-teach your mind everything you can about the Mason's, Albert Pike, the Greek and Roman
number systems and throw in a bit of Egyptian history and placement of pyramids on the Giza plateau and you might gain some insight into the
mind workings of these genuises that once roamed the country putting down treasure that now tempts your mind and spirit.

As the Boy Scouts slogan goes, "be prepared." These depositories were not devised to be found so readily nor were they placed in obvious places. If that was the case, then all of us would be rich by now and have nothing to talk about except for the familiar boast of self-promoting.

I'll end this now with a final thought. "I love LOST TREASURE, it fuels my soul, it tickles me with a sense of adventure, I enjoy the
true challenges that are out there waiting and my mind spins out illusions of finding the big one. If it happens, then it happens and I hope everyone who reads this has the same feelings. Even if you never find the big one at least you can say, hey, I was there and looked."