Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps Part 2

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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps Part 2
Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps is a continued series of the most intricate secret society in the history of the US. Understanding the KGC methodology, codes and signs of treasure maps and treasure locations has been “cracked” by the esteemed Dr. John Melancon. Here Dr. Melancon continues his narrative:

In article 1, we introduced the concept of context of treasure sign for the treasure maps of the knights of the golden circle. The layout of a KGC template would always be after a pattern. I have seen them in diamond and circle combination, in squares, in Star of David designs and these patterns may even me multiples that overlay one another. One such sight I interpreted had multiple stars of David in an overlay, where another used a single Star of David and used each point and each place that the lines intersected to hide either treasure or treasure map information. However, interpretation of a template requires large amounts of field work unless you have additional information. Wandering over large areas of land, doing a GPS reading and then doing the waypoints back at the office will still give limited results unless you did enough research to get at least the majority of the waypoints. Two locations on a thirty six waypoint template will reveal very little information. You must find the starting point, at least three locations, understand all of the template designs, understand a good bit of trigonometry and it will still take you some time. The knights of the golden circle were mathematical in their design, with a few interesting decoys, returns, reversals, and depths but if you do the math, apply all of the signs it is pretty accurate to a science rather that a treasure hunting guessing game.

What other context must we use for a more accurate picture? Consider the hoot owl trees, the carved stones laid out in further patterns, the actual maps that were passed down from sentinel to sentinel, the carved names of these Sons of Liberty, the civil war history, and even the context of the knights of the golden circle purpose and organization. You must get into the thought process of the one that hid the treasure in order to open treasure vault.

If you have a location with Spanish and/or KGC signs and symbols that you would like to have interpreted, contact Dr. Melancon with the email contact form or give us a call at 480 463 6579.
Coming soon: Article 3, Map Signs