Monday, February 8, 2010



To understand the KGC one must also understand the inner teachings and thoughts of its greatest Educator, Albert Pike. A man of mystery, one of intrigue, the keeper of secrets and the labels are many and well placed. There has been much speculation about the true involvement of Pike with the KGC and other factions that sprang up during, and after, the Civil War. One thing is certain beyond all, Pike did die and was laid to rest in Washington, D.C.

In my study of Pike, I came to realize Pike himself was a coded puzzle that had many pieces. If you study his writings, teachings,
accomplishments and his total involvement in the Masonic tradition you capture a glimpse of a man who was very dedicated to his life and
work. I'm not going to go into the history of Albert Pike since it would take too long and bog down what I'm about to reveal here. I would like to reach certain points and provide some insight into certain areas well-discussed here in the 21st century. I write this of my own accord without any influence from others. My eventual conclusions are of my own opinion and based on research and studies conducted by me and some confidential sources that contributed layouts that were mailed to me with no return address.

Albert Pike found a great layout when he studied Washington, D.C. All the pieces were in place to the maze he wanted to create. Here,
in the center of Democracy, were landmarks dedicated to the achievements and tributes of those with respect. There were buildings and streets and other avenues of interest that kept his brain focused on the finalization of his plan. He remembered his studies of Ancient Greece and how the Greeks used a varied pattern in their building of an empire. The layout of the Giza Plateau was another thought that Pike relished since the Egyptians knew the secrets of proper placements of certain pyramids and other objects into a pattern that modern man still cannot unravel. There was much more, but that's another story for another time.

Washington, D.C. is the radiant sun of Pike's Grand Design. A sun radiating with waves of lines that spread across the country from
coast to coast, border to border and downward into Cuba and far beyond the horizons of both oceans. These degreed lines radiate from landmarks, buildings, streets, avenues and many more items of interest. Follow the lines and you'll find yourself traveling down the true yellow brick road and passing over areas where KGC caches and depositories lie in wait. Yes, the connection is there and the various degrees tell no lies. This was Pike's idea, find a place where it would all work and radiate the lines from one central area and allow those lines to radiate out into the far reaches. Look at a map of Washington, grab a pencil and start drawing lines off of the above mentioned and see for yourself. The compass readings will fall into place and stretch those straight lines across the country in all directions and you'll start seeing what I'm trying to explain here. There is more!

How many times have you looked at a map that first shows a five-pointed star reaching over state lines and touching certain city names
such as El Dorado? On this map are other lines that form outside and inside intrusion points and we begin to start guessing what it all
means. Pike used numerology and he used it well. There are many forms and variations of this science, but I'm only going to focus on one to
explain this out. In this form of numerology, numbers must be broken down into a whole number. An example would be the letter L which is the 12th letter of the alphabet. In this form that I'm basing my example on, this would happen; whole number of 12 is broken as 1+2=3. Given this example, let's analyze the word El Dorado. I'll break down what each letter means:

E=5 L=12 D=4 O=15 R=18 A=1 D=4 AND O=15. Next, we add the numbers together and get-74...Now, 7+4=11 and 11 is 1+1=2. So the name El

Dorado is a key factor 2.

Now, back to the map detailing the five-pointed star and the other lines inside and outside of it. The real key here is to find how many triangles can be found within this configuration. The one map I remember looking at shows this design and it touches Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. There were 20 triangles present and now we take 2+0=2.. The El Dorado city names come out to a key number of 2 and now we have what you call a double number-22-which is now broken down again as 2+2= 4 and that is the KGC compass number. The point to all of this? Just study what I just wrote and it will come to you.

Was Pike a genius? Yes! And I will continue this further.

Much emphasis has been placed on the rumored KGC Depositories spread across this country and other lands. There's even mention of Super Depositories and other burials that boggle the mind. Most are set up in a way that modern man cannot uncover them without the aid and assistance of "inside information" or so they say. There's much debate on the issue of who owns them. History tells us it belongs to the South and the rumor mill spins with ideas that the U.S. Government owns them, since they know where they are, and they are well-guarded. All of this might be true, but there is one Depository that has never been spoken of, until recently. I told a fellow team member to mention this name, since I wanted others to start thinking about it.

Albert Pike assembled a very secret inner circle of trusted men to lay out a massive Super Depository in a very secret area with the
idea that no man would ever unravel its code nor secrets. The Grand Design Depository is buried here in the United States and neither the
U.S. Government nor present day, "inner-circle members" know its whereabouts. There's been talk for many years about a secret underground gold depository hidden somewhere that is filled with the grandest treasure one can imagine. The coding is very complex and there are 7 secrets that first must be unraveled to give you the clues needed for the proper placement of the template. Very little information is available about this one but some has come to light. In future articles, I'll reveal more about the Grand Design Depository and get into some of the more secret aspects of it.

Pike employed many measures of information to design the various depositories. While most are buried deeply underground, or under
mountains, some are in fact inside mountains. Most of what we've heard and read about in relationship to the layouts of these underground
sites has to do with the familiar cross pattern or King Solomon's layout. There are other designs and I'll explore some of these here.

In New Mexico, you can find a large circle pattern somewhat designed like a large sunflower. The main burial area is in the center and loops spread out over many miles where smaller caches can be found. One of the Tennessee sites was actually dug under a mountain and then sealed with many rocks. A site in Oklahoma uses an elaborate underground tunnel system. Other designs include squares, triangles, half-crosses or a T shape and the list goes on and on. Those who built these Grand Depositories also made sure they were well booby-trapped with nitro and dynamite. Many a man has lost his life trying to get into one of these.

A site I've been working on in Missouri has many KGC markings. There is much evidence there and a few caves have been located where
boulders block the entrance. Some coins have been found and by using a code I devised, the trail is leading to one of the caves. My original
intent to search this property was the idea of Jesse James burying some loot on it. I found the many signs and symbols James used in other locations and after searching all the property I soon discovered there were more KGC markings and this discovery led to more items of
interest. Myself and a few others will do a more detailed search this summer to validate the whole property and see what the caves are
hiding. If the KGC were actually in the area, then evidence will come forth and be taped to prove the existence of this elusive group. By the way, this site is but one that rests on a line coming from Washington, D.C.

I hope this article brought you some new information and insight on how things were done. Future articles in this newsletter, and on the KGC Website, will reveal much more.