Monday, February 8, 2010



Much has been written and said about the Jesse James Hideout located outside of Wapanucka, Oklahoma. There are legends and tales of lost treasure, killings, double crosses, Confederate Army occupation, Indian slavery, trespassers, night diggings, secret KGC activities, burials, deceit and the list goes on and on in reference to this mysterious property. Some is fact and much is fiction but each year brings more.

There have been searches by individuals, teams, experts, amateurs and a whole list of others with different agendas. Rumors have circulated about gold being found and taken off the property only to be sold in a foreign land. Coins, jewelry, guns and other items of interest have been pulled from the ground and written about. There's a large rock quarry where evidence of prior workings can be found. The Delaware Creek snakes it way through the property amid the trees and rocks. The Chickasaw Rock Academy ruins are still visible and shrouded in mystery. Wildlife is abundant and some of it is deadly. Large boulders and caves dot the landscape and fuels the imagination of things buried in the ground. There are even headstones marking graves of those who once worked in the nearby Academy.

You will find much on this land and the present owners try to guard it as best they can. Being private property, permission must be gained. The past is reflective about those who ignored the signs and came on the property to do illegal hunts. True, some items of interest were pulled from the ground but the spirits of long ago still guard the real treasures that others have sought but never found.

Being an invitee to the property I found the genuine hospitality of the present owners very likable. I was treated with respect and learned much about the history in the area. I witnessed first hand many rock carvings, symbols and other markings that can be found amid the ever-growing wilderness. The stories were told about the various outlaw groups and individuals that once roamed and hid out on the property. I found evidence of the Confederate occupation of the old Chickasaw Rock Academy and was impressed by the various clues left behind by the Indians, Knights of the Golden Circle and yes, Jesse James. I took photographs of shadow signs, initials carved in rock, dates in stone and much more. To say the least, I was very impressed by this maze of mystery.

I've known about the history of this area for many years. I knew about the exploits of Jesse James and those of the Confederate Army that once camped there and used the old Academy as a hospital. The Rock Academy was once home to a few teachers who taught the Chickasaw Indian girls and boys about present society during that time. One teacher was Mary Greenleaf who ventured out to this wild land to teach. Mary was born in Newburyport, Mass in 1800 and died in 1857. She was laid to rest on the property and her grave is still there. Much about the history of the Rock Academy can be found on the Chronicles of Oklahoma website so I'll won't dwell too much into it right now.

For years, treasure hunters and others have come to this property in search of the fabled big ones. To date, none have found what they have searched for and much info has been publicized in the past to add more airs of mystery. Yes, there is a puzzle here, a very elaborate one filled with codes that somehow elude the brightest minds. There is a large underground tunnel system where reported KGC treasures lie in wait to be brought out. Some of the more famous ones were published in Schrader's book, "JESSE JAMES WAS ONE OF HIS NAMES." These are listed as, Fat Man's Greed, Fat Man's Misery and Old Rock Crossing Treasure. You can also throw in a few more that others don't like to talk about or know. Namely, Jesse James' hidden vault and an Indian Treasure cave. There's much more to all of this but I'm not at the point to reveal everything in this story.

A man once said, "the property is coded in such a way that I doubt it will ever reveal it's secrets." So, let's look at the various codes and see why the mystery remains unsolved. The Knights of the Golden Circle had a set or series of codes that mainly applied to all depositories and caches they buried. The Indians had a coding system and since Stand Waite was part of the Confederate cause you can bet it's a knock-off of the old Confederate Code that's been well published. And then we have Jesse James and his various codes. Jesse was great at being an outlaw but he was much better being a man who was taught a code and using that code to secret away his personal caches. On this property, I personally found the code Jesse James used and I have long suspected this code existed. It's no wonder no one else has ever found any of his personal caches, they have all been looking in the wrong place for them.

Jesse used a code that uses multiple substitutions of certain signs and symbols along with a few other factors that I won't reveal here. (Not everything is going to be free in this life and some info like this must be protected) Some symbols carved in stone are actually decoys and means something else than what we have been led to believe. There are plenty of signs that Jesse left and are evident on the property. His initials appear in various places, there are dates and numbers and many other offerings for those in search of his past wealth. But, not all appears as it seems to be.

What I'm about to reveal here is from my own research, info gathered from old maps, code breaking techniques and from a lot of personal observation in the field. I also gained much knowledge from the works of Albert Pike and from various Masonic documents. Be it known, this code has never been revealed before in any format and you are reading it for the very first time. I will go on record as stating this, "I will not give out the complete code nor will I field any inquiries from anyone on this subject. I'm not trying to be hard, but I'm part of a team that has goals for recovery and my word to them is a bond I won't break. I'll field inquiries from others who may live on land where some of the signs and symbols Jesse James used is present and something could be worked out with our team to investigate if treasure is actually buried there or not." With this in mind, I'll go into more detail.

Much has been published about signs and symbols and their relationship to KGC and Outlaws. Most of what is written and displayed details such objects as turtles, owls, turkey tracks, snakes, eyes and the list goes on and on. True, there is a time and place for these old standards to fall into play but they have nothing to do with the idea behind the James Code. In fact, the present explanations surrounding these mentioned signs and symbols don't apply correctly in this case. My example is as follows.

On one property I came across where legend stated Jesse James hid out and buried a few of his personal caches , I found the obvious turtle carvings, the turkey tracks, shaft arrows, snakes, hearts, crosses, numbers, letters and much more carved in stone and on trees. Previous written logic tells us to follow the turtle until we find another turtle or else cross a line that intersects with another line. "Follow the turkey tracks, I've been told by a few scholars." I remember this well and I lost many hours and a few days walking around like a fool finding nothing else to support this claim. When it comes to Jesse James don't follow the turkey tracks nor the line from the turtle in hopes of finding another one on the other side of the hill or across the creek. NO! Here's the scenario. A large rock revealed to me the following; J.J. initials, 1872 date, a turtle looking East, an arrowhead pointing East (by the way, no shaft on this one) and a triangle with a impression of a dot inside of it. The old conventional way of deciphering this would send us merrily on our way East in search of other signs or "walking the line as we have read about." I decided to use the James Code, and by doing this, I found something else that comes into play. The J.J. initials are not to be used as presented, they mean something else. The 1872 date must be broken up and applied to a substitution system. The turtle looking East is actually a reverse sign looking back West. The arrowhead pointing East is used in such a way that you don't follow the point, you follow the direction of one side which was West. The triangle with a dot inside is your distance marker and with the dot present means a measurement of distance and this was determined by using portions of the date and a multiple substitution factor. (this I cannot reveal) The combination of these signs in relationship to each other headed me West and after walking a certain distance I came upon a cliff which had many rocks covering up an obvious cave. Once the rocks were removed, I found what I was looking for and that my friends will remain secret with me. By the way, this was in Missouri.

The above example worked well on that property and Jesse didn't always use the code on smaller caches. The code can only be used when certain signs and symbols are grouped together and a few other markings are present. I don't want to lead anyone onto a path trying to convince them it's an absolute truth and would apply everywhere since it doesn't.

Now, back to the property known as Jesse James' Hideout in Oklahoma. There are many initials, crosses, shadow signs (I have a beautiful picture of a large cross on a rock that I didn't know was there until the pics were developed) turkey tracks, turtles, hearts and much more. The James Code would apply there, but not for the fabled KGC caches which are deeply buried underground. There are many small caches and a couple of large caches. It takes time, a sense of intelligence and a team that has real knowledge to bring in any of these to a complete recovery. The coding on this property is amazing and the actual coding starts miles away and works inward. Will the big ones ever be found? Who knows! I will go on record and say this, Jesse James and his caches can be found using the same code I used in Missouri, but it will take a team well-equipped to combat the rattlesnakes and other dangers found there. There are many factors working on this property against such a recovery, but I feel with this new code Jesse used the task could be completed. Time will tell and maybe the spirits of long ago will be kind.