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Jesse James and the Knights of the Golden Circle: Albert Pike and the Knights Templar

Jesse James and the Knights of the Golden Circle:
Albert Pike and the Knights Templar
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(Artist's image of the Holy Grail. Note the "Maltese" or Knights Templar cross adorning the stem.)

I now continue with additional information on Albert Pike and his role as a Knight Templar, a high-level member of the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC), and his likely association with Jesse James and the disposition and burial of KGC treasure in various parts of the United States.

The Knights Templar

One of the most important aspects of Albert Pike’s life in secret societies (i.e., Freemasonry and/or the Masonic Order, and the KGC) is the fact that this “Yankee-born” Southern sympathizer was a Knight Templar. Those of you out there who have even the slightest amount of knowledge concerning the Knights Templar know that this secret order or society dates back at least to the time of the Crusades. You probably also know that the Templars played an important role as the Catholic Church’s elite warriors during European Christianity’s 100-year attempt to wrest the Holy Land from Muslim control.

Treasure Hunting

It is known that the Knights Templar accumulated vast riches over time, both from their own holdings as members of Europe’s wealthier social castes and from treasures taken as booty during the Crusades. But what singles the Templars out from other Crusaders was their determination to discover the Holy Grail.

Templars and the Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is believed to be the drinking vessel that Christ used at the Last Supper (“This is my blood which is poured out for many…….”) and which was supposedly used again to capture some of Jesus’ blood during his crucifixion atop Golgotha. Not surprisingly, there are a number of experts who believe the Templars actually discovered the Holy Grail and then spirited it back to Europe.

Eventually the Church turned on the Templars, accusing them of witchcraft, devil worship, and any other trumped up charge that could be dreamed up and applied to the Knights. During the period of the Great Inquisition, many Templars were arrested, imprisoned, tortured, and murdered.

The Templars Go “Underground”

Why did the Church turn on the Knights Templar? Some say they were truly considered “heretics” but I place my money with those who maintain the Church feared the power, wealth, prestige, and intellectual abilities of this secret society.

Under the Church’s systematic persecution, the Knights Templar eventually went “underground” and became secretive to the point of obsession. To cast another fly in the ointment, recent theories suggest that a group of Knights Templar fled Europe with the Holy Grail and eventually made their way to what is now known as the state of Illinois.

What has all this to do Albert Pike, Jesse James, and the KGC? Be patient my friend and you shall see. There’s more to come in a future post….

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