Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Civil War letter sheds light on Ky. life

Nancy Stearns Theiss, Special to the Courier-Journal 1:38 p.m. EDT April 4, 2016

Excerpted: "The Knights of the Golden Circle, that she referred to, was a very short-lived rebellion group that existed after the Civil War, during the uneasy period of reconstruction. The letter highlights the aftermath of tension and uneasiness created by the Civil War. Some excerpts of this letter have been omitted.

Canton, Missouri July 27th 1865

My Dear Nephew..........Let me tell you I have been reading a book called Knights of the Golden Circle by one of their order.  Says this rebellion commenced 30 years ago - they were first called Southers Rights Club now K of the GC - they are sworn to kill union people in every shape or form convenient, either by poison, might night murder or any way so they exterminate them – to work secretly and underminedly(sp).  At the given time, were to break out all over the U.S. and they’d exterminate the whole union which they did in many places, but thanks be to our heavenly Father have not succeeded.  They did not yet get as much help north as expected - neither foreign help: so they could not gain the day.  They intended after conquering the U.S. to go to Mexico and there establish a limited Monarchy.  But the Almighty did not answer Jef Davis prayers."

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