Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Knights and "Young America"

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1 The Second American Revolution: The Civil War

Albert Pike, the head of world Freemasonry in the mid-1800s explained in Morals and Dogma (1871). “Masonry... conceals its mysteries from all except Adepts and Sages, and uses false symbols to mislead those who deserve to be misled.”1

Sometimes even history itself must be obscured so as to mislead those who deserve to be misled. The American Civil War is perhaps the most obscured event of all time.

Historians rarely relate that before, during, and after the U.S. Civil War—truly better referred to as the U.S. War of Rebellion—a revolutionary secret society existed which had a significant role in bringing about the crisis itself. The leading group was Young America.

Its secret paramilitary arm was a secret society called the Knights of the Golden Circle or KGC for short.2

1. Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Scottish Freemasonry (Richmond, Va.: L.J. Jenkins, 1921) (reprinted 1966), at 104-05.
2. In 1864, the KGC changed its name to Order of American Knights and later to Sons of Liberty. It shall be referred to herein as the KGC.