Monday, March 3, 2014

Black Bart? Jesse James? Who buried the gold coins?

Guesses about the $10 million whodunnit don’t just focus on outlaws.
March 1, 2014

Excerpt: "Equally colorful is outlaw Jesse James, and historical writer Warren Getler thinks there is a possibility he had a hand in the Saddle Ridge treasure.
Getler says in his book “Rebel Gold” that James ran for years with a secret gang called the Knights of the Golden Circle that existed during the Civil War and afterward into at least the late 1800s.
The gang buried hundreds of millions of dollars in gold bars and coins all over the United States — including in Northern California — in its effort to restart the Southern rebellion, Getler said.
Indeed, the Knights pulled off a well-documented stagecoach robbery of mostly silver 10 miles east of Placerville in 1864 at a spot called Bullion Bend.

“The KGC left caches of gold all over the West, and I’m telling you, this find fits the mold of a KGC cache,” Getler said."

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