Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Knights' Gold

Here is a Word Doc I found online. It is the synopsis of the first chapters of a book called "Knights' Gold" In it the hero discovers that he has "he inherited a position with the Knights of the Golden Circle" and that they are "the secret financiers of the Confederacy, (who) still exist to the present day."
I have included the article below- ccc


Dear Writers’ Cramp Group,
At our last meeting I introduced to you my novel entitled Knights’ Gold. In the preamble little Freddy Garner is introduced to the Wisdom Tree by his father and grandfather. It is a mysterious tree with an odd shape and with letters and symbols carved into it. Freddy is told it is a map and a dictionary and will be taught more about the tree when he is older.

Since I am skipping to Chapter 39 for your critique I want to give you a summary of the preceding chapters. Please keep in mind that this story takes place in the early 1980’s

Chapter One begins with Fred Garner as President of the Oregon State Senate. He gets an early morning call from an assistant that another senator, Senator Roner, is accused of using his office for personal gain. Garner calls Roner to tell him his actions cannot be tolerated. Roner takes offense and threatens him back.

Garner tries to smooth things over with the press but is also plans on reducing Roner’s influence. Also, during this time Garner meets with newly elected Senator Clint McGregor and gives him some guidance on how to conduct himself in the legislature.

McGregor meets with Senate Historian Cy Edwards to get help with a speech and is surprised to learn of Edward’s interest in the Confederacy.

After the legislature adjourns for the year Garner gets a note which appears to have been written by is deceased father and told to register at a motel under a false name. He does so but foolishly registers under a name that is nearly identical to another senator. He meets with a young man briefly in his room until police come and arrest him for registering under a false name.

He pays a small fine but a statewide scandal ensues. He is accused of having a homosexual affair. The senator whose name was “used,” along with Senator Roner, call a press conference and demand Garner ousted. The debate over the incident goes on for months without resolution.

Garner learns he inherited a position with the Knights of the Golden Circle, a secrete organization designed to protect the Confederate treasury. His father was killed before he could explain to him the importance of the Wisdom Tree and his responsibility to the organization. As a historian Garner does a great deal of research and learns about the KGC and realizes some of the treasure is buried on his property. He also finds evidence that the KGC, the secret financiers of the Confederacy, still exist to the present day.

Garner questions his loyalties. He is not a Confederate. He wants to honor his family and respect history. He would also like to get rich. But he also understands that he is in great danger, particularly if he steals the gold.

He finds some small deposits of treasure on his land and is warned by the young man he met at the motel, Gil Diamond, not to take any more. Defying the warning, he recruits Clint McGregor to be his partner because he has an interest in treasure hunting and has special skills in black ops by virtue of his Vietnam War experience.

Roner continues to harass Garner and threatens to have him removed from office. The governor meets with Garner and learns that the governor and the senate historian are also members of the Golden Knights and the governor will take care of his political career by appointing him Director of Commerce if he does not get reelected. Soon after, Roner dies mysteriously of anthrax poisoning. Garner believes he was killed by the Golden Knights.

Evidently Gil Diamond was stealing some of the treasure too. Garner and McGregor find him nailed to the Wisdom Tree, dead and with a warning pinned to his chest. Inside his mouth they find the treasure map to the mother lode in Nekia, South Carolina.

Garner and McGregor plan to attend a legislative conference in Columbia, South Carolina, to put themselves near the treasure. After they get there they scout out the area and make plans to recover the buried treasure. They soon realize it will be a mammoth undertaking for two people, so rent heavy equipment for a nighttime excavation.

They dig down to the treasure chests and begin loading the boxes in a truck when they are attacked by the Knights. They hide inside the excavation and fire back. When it appears they will be defeated, only a matter of time, another paramilitary unit appears on the scene – the Liberty League. It is another secret organization that has existed since the Civil War, just like the Knights of the Golden Circle. The Liberty League is the sworn enemy of the Knights.

The two armies battle it out with Garner and McGregor caught in the middle hiding in a hole. Eventually the two armies decimate each other with only one person surviving from the Liberty League.

Garner and McGregor recruit him to help them recover more of the loot. The treasure, however, is booby trapped. When the flood and landslide start, McGregor pushes the Liberty League officer under the mud slide and saves himself along with much of the treasure.

They sell most of the gold and silver coins to a Florida deep sea treasure hunting outfit that set up offshore bank accounts for them. McGregor’s girlfriend, who has an expertise in international banking, verifies the accounts and in the process gets control of most of the money.

Garner dangerously returns to Oregon thinking he is wealthy. McGregor said he is taking a vacation in the Caribbean. The Knights of the Golden Circle want their treasure back and Garner and McGregor died.
Chapters 39 – 50 follow