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Top 10 Secret Societies (again)

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Famous Members

John Wilkes Booth, Jesse James (above), Franklin Pierce (all rumored)

The Knights of the Golden Circle was a secret society that flourished in the
U.S. during the American Civil War. In the beginning, the group sought to
encourage the annexation of Mexico and the West Indies, which they believed
would help the waning slave trade to once again flourish. But once the Civil War
started, the group switched its focus from colonialism to fervent support of the
newly established Confederate government. The Knights soon had thousands of
followers, many of whom formed guerilla armies and began raiding Union
strongholds in the West. In the Northern states, the mysterious order had an
even bigger impact. Many newspapers and public figures engaged in witch-hunts
where they accused supposed Southern sympathizers, including President Franklin
Pierce, of being members of the Knights of the Golden Circle.

Secret Practices

Unlike most secret societies, the Golden Circle didn't just concern itself with
clandestine meetings and mysterious plans. Instead, the group often formed
renegade armies and bands of bushwhackers in order to forward their agenda by
force. In 1860, a group of the Knights made a failed attempt to invade Mexico.
During the war, they robbed stagecoaches and attempted a blockade of the harbor
in San Francisco, and a group of them even managed to briefly take control of
southern New Mexico.

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