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These pages will help you learn more about the KGC ( Knights Of  The Golden Circle ): their origin, definitions, history, affiliated groups, forum discussions, etc.

These first few links are just basic definitions and background information:

Go to and do two different searches. Do one for KGC and do one for Knights Of The Golden Circle. You will get pages of links to go study.

A KGC story ( starts on page 4 ):

A leader of the KGC ?

These next 15+ websites briefly mention the KGC---somewhere in their site:

Scroll down to 1820's:

Scroll down to the paragraph below the picture of the Helena Cemetery:

Scroll down to August 11, 1862:

Scroll down to May 9, 1861:

Scroll down to July, 1863:

Go to fifth paragraph--under Alliance Against Britain:

Go to seventh paragraph--under Confederate Guerilla War in the North...:

Scroll down to 449-450:


These two links are from my favorite website: ANCIENT LOST TREASURES
(1) Three pages of different discussions regarding the KGC ( access pages 2 & 3 at bottom right-hand corner of page 1 ):

(2) Four pages:

I believe that the most extensive KGC forum discussions have been on TREASURE NET. They have an excellent forum set-up and a great archive. You can find their website at:

You can access their old messages ( on a variety of treasure-hunting subjects ) in their archives ( back to 1997 ? ):

The KGC posts ( or somewhat related posts ) on the forum date back to February, 1998. I think I have almost all of the KGC-related posts listed here. After the original post you can read the responses. LOTS of GOOD info here !

The Knights of the Golden Circle Archive Research and Historical forum.