Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bloody Bill Anderson Mystery group

   "I created this group for those interested in history to share information about the life and death of Bloody Bill Anderson and to help solve the mystery of whether or not the real Bloody Bill Anderson was killed in Missouri in October of 1864, by Union soldiers, or if he actually escaped to live out his life in Salt Creek in Brown County, Texas. Colonel William C. Anderson of Brown County admitted, in 1924, that he was in fact the real Bloody Bill Anderson of Quantrill’s Guerrillas fame. I chose to start this group because it offers a way for us to share information, photographs, and links to online sources of data we can use to help us in our search for the truth. We can use the message board to ask questions and to post messages containing material we want to share with each other. Since this group was established in April of 2006, dozens of our members have provided evidence that  historically proves that Colonel William C. Anderson of Brown County was Bloody Bill Anderson. We also provide a lot of information about the secret national organization – the Knights of the Golden Circle. I require that we treat each other with respect and do not make any personal attacks on other members. Those members whose sole intent is to disrupt and distract other members from the serious purpose of this group will be BANNED PERMANENTLY.
  My name is Jay Longley and my email address is .  I live in Brownwood in central Texas in Brown County."

IMPORTANT: ALL MEMBERS will be required to have at least partially completed Yahoo Profiles to remain in this group. This basic information must include your real first name, a working email address, and the state you live in.

SUMMARY OF PURPOSES – Members are encouraged to go to message #3405 for this outline of how our investigation is to proceed.

For an excellent 2-page article on our group’s work, order the Feb. 24, 2008 Horizons issue of the Bulletin by calling Brownwood Bulletin – 325-641-3107

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