Saturday, June 12, 2010

What Is The ILLUMINATI? Are They Real?

Caveat Lector

What Is The ILLUMINATI? Are They Real?

Excerpt: "Freemasons - The Freemasons first appeared in Scotland and England
late in the seventeenth century. They have always been a very secretive
society using a pyramidal, hierarchical structure They engage in secret
rituals, and seem to proficiently use magical and mysterious Symbols.

There were other Secret Societies that were founded in the United States and
elsewhere. These groups could usually be found to be connected with the
Masons. George Bickley's Knights of the Golden Circle, who promoted the idea
of Southern secession which helped ignite the Civil War.

There are rumors that people involved in the Confederate Secret Service were
members of the Knights of the Golden Circle. Rumour also has Jesse James and
John Wilkes Booth as being members of these societies. The Knights of the
Golden Circle became the Ku Klux Klan after the end of the Civil War."