Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure maps 14

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure maps 14
Underground Discovery & Exploration

(Editors note: Underground Discovery & Exploration did not publish an article entitled KGCT maps 13.)

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure maps and the signs to get to KGC cache sights is the current topic we are reviewing. The last article encouraged you to begin to watch landmarks, both currently known and those that are now forgotten due to changes in our lifestyles. I collect old maps and many times the landmarks that are now forgotten are on there. The old topographical maps from the 60’s even have archaeological sites on them that are no longer placed on the maps to keep people from knowing where they are. Please, do not disturb any archeological site, but notice the landmarks that are no longer shown. Perhaps you should start your search there.

We then moved on to hoot owl trees. Hoot owl trees are an invaluable source of information, generally directional information and even divisional information. I have never seen one that gave everything I needed to locate a treasure.

The next thing you should look for is rocks that are carved into shapes. In the areas of the large repository I have many times found huge stones carved into animals. The Spanish did the same thing (i.e. the poodle, the Santa Fe horse, etc.). Perhaps those of you working on the Peralta stones should reconsider the significance of the sight. Perhaps it is Spanish and perhaps it is Spanish that is reworked by the KGC.

To help you understand the importance of these stones, I have included a photo of one of the most common animals carved by the Spanish. Lo and behold, it is a Spanish turtle that stands about 12’ tall. This has been altered by the KGC with a map carved on it. The KGC signs, no matter what they are, must always be considered under with their thought patterns. Look carefully as to whether the turtle has legs, tail, etc. If it has no tail, of course it is the head that does the pointing. If it has no legs, it can’t walk anywhere so look close. Are the eyes open or shut? This particular turtle is massive and the photo has been cropped to not show location and certain sign to. Watch for every detail. These animals give tremendous information concerning the treasure. Further sign will be discussed in the next article.

The Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure maps symbols and signs mentioned in this article may be difficult to interpret due to time, erosion, and an untrained eye. Dr. Melancon is a foremost authority on Spanish and KGC treasure maps, symbols and signs. Email or call for help on your Spanish or Knights of the Golden Circle project. 480-463 6579