Saturday, June 12, 2010

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 12

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Maps 12
Underground Discovery & Exploration

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure maps of the are most generally
misunderstood because the treasure hunter relies upon one sign to interpret
the entire treasure location. One such story that comes to mind is the
hunter that had been using a jack-o-lantern sign to interpret an entire
treasure sight! If you want to understand the hiding of the valuables, you
must consider more than a single sign. The jack-o-lantern is not a hiding
sign, it is an informational sign about the hiding of the deposit. Yet this
person found a hill, thought it was the shape of the drawing if you looked
at it from above (although it did not look like that on topos or aerial
photos) and therefore the location the treasure was deposited and commenced
looking for the rest of the face; two rocks for eyes, a mark or object for a
nose and a mouth. Now some of you would have obliged this young man and put
a smiley face on the hill and it would have been a cute moment in a futile

You must always get the large overview. I have stressed from the beginning
the importance of the context of every sign. While recently in Turkey, a
series of holes was discovered in the tops of large stones. They have proven
to guide me to significant locations important to the ancients of 400 BC and
previous! No single hole told me anything, but when considered in whole,
they even began to give me the date the artifacts were placed en situ! These
artifacts will be excavated archaeologically. Watch for the entire story at
this web site.

Let me help you understand better the jack-o-lantern better. The
jack-o-lantern is informational. He tells you very little in some cases.
Sometimes he is just saying good-bye. You must find the rest of the signs
and the jack-o-lantern will then tell you more. First, within the context,
look where he is looking. If it is done as an outside type signor on a map,
look where he is looking. Then look at the eyes - if they are closed, don't
go where he is looking within the context of the sign. When you find the
entry from the rest of the sign, you are going to find a death trap. If you
have a closed set of eyes, get contacted with Dr. John Melancon before you
attempt any further actions!. He has worked extensively diffusing death
traps. In fact, Dr. John Melancon is writing a book concerning the death
traps that will be available this winter. Keep watching this sight as it
will be available only through this web site! Underground Discovery! What is
a Knights of the Golden Circle site worth? Your life if you open it up

Dr. John Melancon is the world's foremost authority on Spanish and Knights
of the Golden Circle treasure maps, treasure sites, symbols and signs. His
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