Friday, November 4, 2011

Knights of the Golden Circle, Hidden from todays world, until now

Knights of the Golden Circle, Hidden from todays world, until now.
K-G-C_LEADER Posted: Tuesday, Nov 1 2011
We were hiding for so many years, now it's time for a comeback, KGC style.
George W. L. Bickley—a Virginia-born doctor, editor, and "adventurer" who lived in Cincinnati—founded the association. He organized the first castle, or local branch, in Cincinnati in 1854 and soon took the order to the South, where it was well received. It grew slowly until 1859, reaching its zenith in 1860.
Following the Mexican-American War of 1846, the group's original goal was to provide a force to colonize the northern part of Mexico and the West Indies. This would extend pro-slavery interests. The Knights became especially active in Texas. Bickley's main goal was the annexation of Mexico. Hounded by creditors, he left Cincinnati in the late 1850s and traveled through the East and South, promoting an expedition to seize Mexico to establish a new territory for slavery. He found his greatest support in Texas. In a short time, he organized thirty-two chapters there.
In the spring of 1865, the group made the first of two attempts to invade Mexico from Texas. A small band reached the Rio Grande but failed otherwise.
While they were remaining hidden from the world for so many years, the Knights were plotting a massive comeback staring in Liberty city. The new leader, who has no name just a number, KA-24, was established Commander Knight(Leader) in October 31, 1981. The young Leader was testing not just the knights, but the worlds patience. Finally, after so many years, The Knights of the Golden Circle will take Liberty city by storm, a dark storm.
You can spot them in various places in Liberty city, such Broker, Dukes, China town, and Acter. With a blood lust, they might commit random murders, but a clean murder. We are highly-trained assassins who are ready to make liberty city, a secret war-zone. With the help of others, we can make the entire world a secret war-zone.