Friday, July 8, 2011

Knights of the Golden Circle

 by shezab  

We have heard of the Illuminati, The Knights Templar and the Freemasons. Here is an addition to your list of secret societies – the Knights of the Golden Circle. The philosophy behind the KGC’s conception was to endorse interests of states belonging to the Southern United States. Its objectives included paving the way for invading and capturing the “golden territories” of the Caribbean, Central Americas and Mexico. The purpose of the annexation was to add to the number of slave states to the US. For this reason, most of the members inducted were natives of the Golden State of California, Texas and the New Mexico Territory.

The Northern States of Indiana and Ohio were charged with allegations of belonging to the Knights of the Golden Circle society since they sympathized with the Southern States during the US Civil War. Much to the KGC’s delight, a decent number of individuals and influential politicians dwelling along the northern end of the Ohio River had become affiliates by the early 1860′s.

George Bickley is the master mind accredited with the KGC’s conception and birth. A doctor and editor by profession, Bickley dwelled in Cincinnati even though he was a native of Virginia by birth. He led the movement from Cincinnati to the Southern States where he was popularly welcomed – especially by Texas natives who wholeheartedly embraced the notion of an invasion into Mexico.

Bickley’s order lasted a meager 10 years after which it started falling apart. In current times, the KGC is frowned upon and counted as villains.