Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amarillo treasure hunter looking for gold

by Steve Myers

AMARILLO, TX -- We'd like to introduce you to John London of Amarillo, a treasure hunter recently featured on the new show, "Decoded" on the History channel.
He actually goes around the U.S. looking for gold and other precious items but it didn't begin with a successful hunt.
It all began for John back in 1966 when he lived in El Paso. A group of treasure hunters were in the area looking for the Lost Padre mine. He and a buddy went out looking for it...
All we got was blisters and a sunburn...but the bug bit me down and I"m still looking," admits John.
And while he says he's not at all like Indiana Jones, there are some similar comparisons to the the National Treasure movies with Nicholas Cage.
"Treasure has been found, this is very definitely for real, but the stuff like the DaVinci codes and the Nicholas Cage movies, they are all based on, loosely on the same things: Masonic and Knights Templar, or the Knights of the Golden Circle." (More on that in Thursday's installment about John).
Partnered with Bob Brewer for about 20 years, they've traveled all over the U-S, broken some codes, and sometimes...found what they were looking for.
He says there's still hidden treasures out there and he's actively looking for "x's" that mark the spot in more than a half dozen states.
"I'm actively looking in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Arkansas, both north and south, Missouri and Kentucky."
And like most smart treasure hunters he plays his cards close to the vest about what he knows and what he's found. If he ever finds that big one...don't expect to hear about it.
"If I ever found a million dollars, I'd probably just up and disappear."
Until then...John loves to meet people and talk treasure.
I'll talk treasure as long as there's coffee in the pot."

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