Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Night of the Iron Tyrants

Trick or Treat?

All of the below is based on the fictional account from The Wild, Wild, West.
Unfamiliar with that so I cannot comment but I do have the below excerpt from 
America on the Rerun by Bethany Andreasen.

America on the Rerun, ch. 12: The Wild, Wild West (pt. 6)

"......The end result was "The Night of the Iron Tyrants," which is
based upon historical fact, with embellishment, such as the
Knights of the Golden Circle, a subversive group which West
believes orchestrated the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. So
West and Gordon go in search of the eighteen pages missing from
assassin John Wilkes Booth's diary.
According to Ellis, the Knights enlist the aid of evil Dr.
Loveless in an attempt to come up with advanced airships...."