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Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Map Signs

Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Map Signs
Underground Discovery & Exploration

Knights of the Golden Circle treasure map signs have been guarded carefully over
the years. The purpose the treasures were hidden and guarded was for the
resurgence of the Golden Crescent. Jesse James, often connected with the Knights
of the Golden Circle treasure map signs, was indeed raising capital for the
resurgence of the South. Several years ago I was privileged to work with a group
of treasure hunters that had discovered a contractual agreement between the
leaders of the Knights of the Golden Circle, "KGC", and Jesse James. Jesse was
not an outlaw in the traditional sense of the word. He was working for a little
under $250.00 per month to rob the Union (`the bad guys') and using the money to
restore the new world (territories in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
to be included in the United States as slave states) of the Golden Crescent
(`the good guys').

If you look at it in that respect, you will begin to think more like the KGC
people and understand why they did what they did. Then you can understand why
the treasures were hidden with a large cache that was protected by the Sentinel
and why there were at least 2 small caches for the Sentinel to get paid from if
conventional pay wasn't forthcoming for some reason. This is why there are death
traps with the large caches and there are no death traps with the small caches.
If you do not understand the death traps of the large caches, I would strongly
advise you not to tamper with them. A small cache or two would allow you to live
modestly for some time. A large cache may not allow you to live at all. We will
discuss death traps in a later article.

One of the reasons that Spanish signs have been altered is due to the theft of
over 30 written treasure maps about 1910. These treasure maps were recovered
later but in the meantime the on-site signs and symbols from these locations
were altered and there are many deceptive signs at the location. Within these
deceptions were secret codes to explain the changes to anyone that understood
the Knights of the Golden Circle signs and symbols. So when you interpret
on-site signs and symbols, you must be advised to look for any drawing, unusual
tree formation, rock or picture that is out of sync with the rest of the map
figures. This may be the one figure that changes the entire map.

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